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About XRumer 5.0 Palladium

XRumer 5 Palladium

XRumer is a software application that automatically posts your messages to forums, guestbooks, bulletin boards and catalogs of the links (as well as into livejournals and wiki). In a word it is an autosubmitter. Currently available version is XRumer 5.05

Below are listed main specification and features of XRumer

  • Multithreaded submitting: over 50 simultaneously running threads possible! (30 threads are recommended for optimal performance under 128 Kbps bandwidth)

  • Software can perform registration at forums (if necessary for posting messages) and automatically fill in the required fields. Upon successful registration XRumer posts the user-specified message and/or links.

  • The powerful built-in proxy-server checking script locates available proxy-servers worldwide, choosing anonymous addresses among them.

  • Software is able to work with lots of different types of forums and guestbooks: phpBB and PHP-Nuke with any modifications, yaBB, VBulletin, Invision Power Board, IconBoard, UltimateBB, exBB, phorum.org, wiki, different types of bulletin boards and even custom-written code.

  • Attention: unique feature – software works around EVERY possible type of protection from automatic registration, including:
    - Pictocode protection (tickets, captcha), which look something like: "Enter the number you see in the
    - E-mail activation protection.
    - Java-script protection.

  • During the process of posting a detailed log is created with precise path-links to posted messages so that you can check every link and every posted message afterwards.

  • A built-in proprietary "Question-answer" system.

  • A variations system, using which you can post up to 10000 messages all looking different but with similar contextual meaning and the user-defined hyperlinks in them. It helps to broaden the key queries (for Search Engine optimization) and protect your posts from being filtered out by Search Engines (that is, your posts will be included in SERPs).

  • If the forum has more than one category, the software chooses the one most suitable for the message, otherwise it sends the message to off-top, flame sections or the like, and in case those do not exist - to the most visited category on the forum.

  • BB-code can be used.

  • The following forum base processing tools are included: repeated links deletion, hit descending sort, service denial according to customizable black list, and various filters. The program informs the users about availability of new versions and possesses many other powerful features.

    The system is fully user-independent and requires minimum skills to handle: you only need to choose the proper links database, create a message text with one or several hyperlinks and hit the 'Start' button. THAT IS ALL.

    XRumer software package includes the Hrefer program and databases with links to more than 102.000 forums.

    Minimum required system specifications:

    Windows 98 / 2000 / 2003 / XP / Vista, 1GHz or faster processor, 256Mb RAM.

    Price: $ 540

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    11 comment.:

    Anonymous said...

    How rediculous.......You auto spammed my forum offering me this program to allow me to auto spam other forums

    Raf said...

    I second that - although I have to say this... the tool you sell is seriously powerful. I run 2 blogs and both of them have recently been spammed by your tool (it announces itself, apparently, as an advertisement??)

    While the tool did get through the required registration to post a comment, it's simple to detect the SPAM comments from the regular, human-entered comments. Oddly enough the only thing that your tool did on my blogs is to create a DoS condition where I cannot keep up with my comments from readers (and therefore accidentally delete all comments, good or spam).

    I'm curious... how well does this software + service sell? I'd love to talk more for an article I'm writing, if you don't mind...


    Admin said...

    Thank for your interes for XRumer, Raf. It is realy powerfull software, but most people haves this software or do not know how to use XRumer or use a very silly. XRumer - very powerfull constructor which can be adapted for many needs. Especially now because XRumer have a system "Antispam".

    To buy XRumer or try free Demo please go to THIS PAGE and follow instructions

    Anonymous said...

    As a forum owner I can tell you right now that your software IS NOT appreciated.

    It does nothing to improve SEO for users and only serves to piss off users and forum admit alike.

    You claim to hate spam, then write a program that is designed to spam.

    This makes you an asshat.

    Anonymous said...

    I won't bother posting what I was going too as it contained enough swearwords to make Eddie Murphy blush and ya probably wldn't have approved it anyway.

    But agree with most above, why not trying to write something USEFUL instead of propagatting the penis pump and viagra industry.

    Really do hope this gets cracked on ya and ya make nuthin out of it, well then again I hope not cause that will just allow more pricks to run this kinda crap.

    MIke@Fantasys~ said...

    I seriously like the CONCEPT...we backtracked the spam message from our own blog to here so it does indeed work and theoretically it could help us be a lot more efficient in posting a legitimate message to a dozen forums that we have to use every week, as long as it would log into specific forums that WE specify, under our Username and post a properly formatted message that WE want. Does it meet these parameters?

    Admin said...

    Yes, you can try with demo.

    Anonymous said...

    This "free trial" sucks. How are we suppose to test the features for spamming with out being able to change the names of the forum poster and commentators? You can't! What this program will do for you for sure is get you booted from every forum on internet in an hour. That's what will happen if you post the same thread to 100's of forums with the same persons name and e-mail information (that's as functional has this trial program gets).

    What's up with that (and the bad English?)

    יחסי ציבור said...

    Had this not existed, people would still do this manually. Search engines need to modify their algorithms...

    Anonymous said...

    Spamed to buy a spam program... what could I sell with this spam program...
    I'll sell a spam program!

    serly said...

    Great Software but too exphenship for me....