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Advanced options - Distribution

XRumer Advanced options                  


1. Registering only (without posting) - if enabled, the program will only register in all forums without sending messages.

2. Mandatory registration with posting - a program to create a message will register at the forum in any case, even if you can leave a message without registering.

Use this function only if you you plan to use in future large-scale post-editing, because the program is forced to face a lot of protection, and as a result % successful placement of ads below.

3. Posting on behalf of a previously registered user - This option allows for more effective and subtle promotions. In this mode, the program will send the name of the user who was registered on the forums previously.

- Project should be with the same nickname and password. In the posting process the program will not register again, but will use login (username).
- mode "Registering only", "Mandatory registration with posting","Posting on behalf of a previously registered user" are intended solely for use with forums. When you post on the guest books, blogs, etc., these regimes may not work correctly - it is desirable to turn off, if enabled.

4. Aggressive mode - aggressive posting mode on forums, no one topic is created but immediately in all sections of the forum (if possible). This feature works only on certain versions of forums (phpBB, VBulletin, YaBB, IconBoard, IPB) and only in LinksList.

5. Auto resumption - if enabled, when you start the program will automatically start working on the basis of current position.

6. Enable check active link after you submit - the option of testing whether the link after posting, do not forget that it makes sense to include this option only if the send text links (in the correct format - with http://); moreover, should not include this option in a "rapid distribution" and with dispatch on the basis of ZLinksList.

IMPORTANT: If there were no links in the correct format (http:// ...) and in the field of "Home page" and the "text message" and the "Signature", then this option within the program automatically resets to 0.

7. "Edit the profile after you register" - if you activate this option, the program after the registration of your account will edit the additional fields that were not available when registering: "Home", "Signature" and the other (data fields are not available at the registration in forums such as IPB and VBulletin , so for them it is very important to enable this option - the likelihood of placing links to be considerably higher).

8. Upload avatars when editing a profile - if this option is enabled, the program will select the avatar (picture) randomly from the subfolders "img \ Avatars \", and upload when editing profile.

9. Enter a current account if the username is busy - if this option is enabled, then when you try to register, if the program receives an error "this username / e-mail is already busy, will be an attempt to logon with username and password, which are prescribed in the project (ie f. program will assume that it was previously registered on this site)

10. If BB-code is off (on the current resource)convert it to HTML - if enabled this option and send the text of a BB-code (for example, links are designed as a [url = http://link] link_tekst [/ url]), then the resources in which BB-code not processed (guest books, message boards, etc.), everything will be automatically converted in HTML:
[url = link] link_tekst [/ url] - in link_tekst
[b ]...[/ b] - to ...
and so on.

11. Enable traffic saving algorithm - includes T.S.A. In this mode ZLinksList base will be formed with the addition of a special meta-information, which subsequently will lead to a tremendous speed up the posting.

12. Enable refspam - if the option is a first request to the link from the database will be placed indicating the Referer = home page of your project.

13. Only refspam without posting - the program will make a request to a page from the database and all links are hyperlinked in that page, showing the Referer = home page of your project.

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Get a life and allow others to live theirs in peace you junkie vandal.