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Advanced options - Reporting

XRumer Advanced options


1. Detailed reports (Result: ...) - when you turn on this option, each link in the log file will be commented

2. Save to Z-base links, which requires activation - formed in the base when distribution ZLinksList id *. txt will be placed not only links to resources to which to send the message, but and those resources, which managed to register and the activation code was sent to the e-mail .

3. Make log of categories lists (CategoriesLog.txt) - this option will keep a log lists the sections in the forums (like those which managed to leave a message, and all the rest), the log file - Logs / CategoriesLog id *. txt

When you click the "Start"

When you start up from the very beginning of forums, it will most likely need to delete old records. If you include these options, the relevant records will be deleted automatically when a new post.

Button Restore restores the default values.

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