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CAPTCHA types that can be recognized by XRumer

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5 comment.:

ObeyThePurebreed said...

that's crazy!

I can't imagine how it could recognize those...

posted by: chairman meow

Paul said...

Recognize RE-captcha is tested now...

youtubejunkies said...

I have a question. why most captchas are very difficult to read? in most website, i have to repeat like 5 or 7 times till get it right. that is silly..

seo link pro said...

for all the captchas xrumer can use i wish it integrated human powered services as well... or exposed the decaptcher sdk and interface in english.

Guennadi Vanine said...

Please check the one from KeyCAPTCHA.com .
- Free of charge service with online support,
- Easy and entertaining for human,
conceptually unbreakable for automated bots,
- Nontransferable to 3d parties (required for human solution by sweatshops),
- Lossless (filled by a visitor webform data is preserved in case of incorrect solution),
many other features and levels of protection