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XRumer 5.0 palladium: Key Benefits

XRumer 5.0 is created for more successfully spam forums and to be editing created profiles.

XRumer is trained to break through the protection (CAPTCHA, text captcha and many other antispam protections) last versions most popular forums in the network: VBulletin, IPB, phpBB 3.
Also it may break through protection many other less common web engines (blogs, guestbooks, wiki, web boards etc.)

Visual comparison:

Result: chosen nickname "Nirehouro";profile edited;logged in;success - posted to "SUGGESTIONS FORUM";
The forum "vBulletin" a last version, this engine is very popular in the web. CAPTCHA which is used on it - stands the minimum to 30% of VBulletin last version.

XRumer 5.0 recognizes CAPTCHA

Result: chosen nickname "Funcnepenreve";captcha recognized;registered (100%);profile edited;logged in;success - posted to "Флейм";
Forum IPB (Invision Power Board) latest version, the attendance    
More than a thousand simultaneous users. CAPTCHA, which forum is used - is installed virtually on all the latest IPB engines

XRumer 5.0 recognizes CAPTCHA

Result: chosen nickname "abranyexhinia";captcha recognized;success - posted to "FightWiki.com";
Forum phpBB latest version, attendance more than a 700 users online. CAPTCHA, which forum is used - is installed on all the standard phpBB 3

XRumer 5.0 recognizes CAPTCHA

Now we are working on recognizing ReCaptcha and DLE-CAPTCHA, which are also used to Resource with high PageRank(ReCaptcha this is universal Captcha, and is increasingly being used for very different resources, including postal,blogs, etc.)

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4 comment.:

mike said...

You fucking douche bags. I spend money on my site and it is because of you that I am killing myself. I am overwhelmed with hundreds of assholes who are spamming my site when I am spending money giving away prizes from working at 4 in the morning for 9 hour shifts at Mc Donalds to buy them stuff.

Im trying to host a nice service and you have caused me to hate my one passion - which is web design and the internet. Maybe let the internet stay as it is or in 5 years time humans wont be able to read these security codes and forums will be useless. Thanks a fucking lot. If you would like video tape of me killing myself I will make sure it makes its way to the news with a banner of your site on my mangled dead body you fuckers.

Admin said...

Winston Churchill said: "A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty."

Anonymous said...

You just have to ask a question at registration that can't be answered by Captcha breakers.

Something like "what color is this car?" or "what is this a picture of?".

Admin said...

Dear Anonimous, XRumer can use services captchabot.com or anti-captcha.com, so it is not stop XRumer