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XRumer 5.05 Palladium: Overview of changes and improvements

A few days ago there was uploaded new update of XRumer: Version 5.05 Palladium

Overview of changes and improvements:

XRumer 5.05 Palladium

+ Program is trained to recognize the new graphics protections: Bitrix (registration), the protection of "do not enter red letters", Xaraya, and 2 other engines without a title
+ Also trained registration / comment on these types of engines
+ Fixed autoregistration at Gmail.com
+ Program additionally trained more than 100 new types of text captcha
+ Fixed processing engine SMF (Simple Machines Forum)
+ Corrected the error of the regime ManualDecaptcha
+ Improved work with board type http://abc.tj/board_lux/board/add.php (program trained this board)
+ In debug-mode added record FormFields, in which the program is accountable for completing the fields
+ Made amendments to generator synonyms the Russian words
+ Corrected gross errors in the logic processing forums, in particular VBulletin
+ Improved check for active links
+ Fixed bug with opening the file xas_AI.txt
+ Fixed a bug in the system when you install/withdrawing task
+ Improved processing base RLinksList (mode "question and answer")
+ Improved distribution of PM(Private Message) in English forums
+ Program trained posting to Livejournal by anonymous (ManualDecaptcha = 1)
+ Corrected the error of generator synonyms
+ Added to the database of synonyms Russian words (more than 13 thousand)
+ Fixed bug in encoding redirect

The System of Antispam improved.

The accompanying database will be updated within 2 weeks.

40 - eng. base forums, cat. break only when the manual input captcha (ManualDecaptcha = 1)
41 - the same, but the ru-base

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