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How to start working with XRumer

How to start working with XRumer

For demo version:

1. Start xpymep.exe program

2. Carefully read instructions in the window and click OK

3. Proceed according to instructions    

For full version:

1. Start xpymep.exe program.

2. Click on the menu Project → New, fill in the required fields.

3. Save the project.

4. Select the required database in the Links database tab; make sure the LinksList is selected.

5. Click Start from beginning button or Resume from the last position.  


If you are planning to use proxy, do not forget to update the proxies list in the Anonymity tab. Besides that, to make the process more secure and stable, it is recommended that you place a script on any site and set up the program in the following way:

- Upload the proxyc folder to any of your sites - this is the script that checks if the proxy is really anonymous.
- Open the menu Settings → Proxy-checking settings
- In the field Checker script address choose Use own address and enter the full address to the script. Use the browser to make sure you typed the address correctly and the script is placed properly on the site.

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Alan said...

Thanks for the article, I'm thinking about using XRumer to help run my dedicated server . Any tips?