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XRumer interface

XRumer interface

1. Main window

Xrumer Main window

1. Main menu:

XRumer main menu

Project – project editing menu (messages text, links, titles, nicknames and other information is stored in this folder); project files have .xpy extensions and are stored in the Projects folder. This is not accessible in the demo version.
Tools – different tools for working with the links database: counting totals, removal of duplicates, sorting by topic number, black-list filtering etc.
Options - editing your account on http://www.botmasternet.com (login and password), Proxy-connection setup, choice of links uploading mode of activation from a mail box (automatic background / manual / switched - off), other options
Events log - the list of the processes and times that XRumer has performed.
Scheduler - management of scheduled tasks  for the next advertisements to be sent.
Self-learning - self-learning system to unknown fields of forms (textarea, input, select, etc.). For experienced users only!
Plugins - the list of downloaded plugins, start/stop plugins download.
Help – opens the help files.

2. Information : name of software, used version, contacts.

3. Graphic logo. It can be hide from advanced option.

4. Available updates.

5. TO CHECK THE DEMO VERSION: send a message to a single forum/guestbook/blog etc. In the text box you can specify URL (link) and send default message by clicking Test. If the monitoring option has been set (see Advanced options) then you will be able to see the process of posting in detail at the top of the window. The results are located in the Reports tab. Also in this mode, a detailed report is stored in Debug folder.

6. Status bar. Here you see what the program is currently doing.

S - posting
M - downloading activation links from email box
P - updating proxies

7. The list of current threads. Here you can see the links that the program is currently using.

8. Chose of posting mode: usual Posting or Mass-PM

9. Posting management:

  Start – sets the process to start from the beginning of the selected database. The number of the position is reset, also old reports are deleted (if it's enabled appropriate option in advanced option).
  Resume from the last position – continues the process from last position where was stopped.
  Stop – Stops the launching of new threads. The threads that have already started will continue until they finish.

10. Program settings tabs:

Links database – in this tab are selected the database to forums/guestbooks/blogs etc. and posting mode.  Links databases is a text file, located in Links folder and have the following format: LinksList id*.txt, where * is its ID (database's number).

Before starting a new project, make sure that database is set to LinksList, and NOT to MLinksList or ZLinksList, etc.

  Reports – detailed reports on current processes.
  Mail – Used to download the activation links from the e-mail inbox. It is recommended to create the address solely for posting purpose. Login and password to this e-mail are set in the project file.
  Anonymity – proxy-server usage settings.
  Multi-threading settings – here you can select number of threads to run. As higher will be the maximum number of concurrent threads – the faster will be the speed (the amount of threads should correspond to bandwidth of your Internet – connection). At connection of 1Mb/sec (without proxy) it is recommended to use 15 treads and at 4 Mb/sec use 60-70 treads. Periodicity – 10...1000 (it is recommended to not change). It makes sense to change this parameter only if you want to reduce posting speed.

If in email box will be more than 500 letters waiting for activation, Xrumer automatically will reduce TEMPORARILY the number of treads to 5. This number of treads will be maintained until all letters of activation will be downloaded. After all letters will be downloaded, number of treads will be restored. (see background activation option)

11. Same commands as in the Project menu.

2.  The project creation and editing window

XRumer project creation and editing window

Project name - indicate the name of your project (it is identical to file name created in Projects folder).

1. User personal information:

Nickname – nick (login). It is recommended to use only Latin letters exclusively
Password - user password sign at registration into forums, blogs
Real name - on some sites at registration besides a nickname it is necessary to specify a real name of the user. It may be the same as nickname.
Homepage – the URL of promoted site. Which should begin with http: //
ICQ - number of ICQ (it must be not identical to yours)
City - user’s city. Any links in this and the next fields are forbidden to the personal information.
Country – the country of residence of the user.
Area of work - a trade/specialization/job of the user. It is possible to specify several profession, through a comma
Hobbies – user’s hobbies.
Signature – the signature in your profile (it can contain BB-code)

To fill Signature field ONLY if it is necessary, because it may reduce success rate. Same as for Text for unknown fields (in bottom of window)

2. Email (contact e-mail, specified at registration on forum, It is recommended to create the address solely for posting purpose for each new project):

Full address – full email address of a format login@site.com
Password – the password to this email
Login – the login name
POP-server address - for uploading letters under the POP-report, it is necessary to find out the address on mail server. For example: on mail.ru the mail server address - pop.mail.ru

Note: if you'll use a nonstandard POP mail service then you should enter POP address in xpop.txt file, in field [PORT].

Below these fields are button for automatic email registration on mail.ru, cashette.com, gawab.com, web.de.

Before starting a new posting; check through a browser (Internet Explorer or other), that:

email address specified in the project, is available on the specified data
there is an opportunity of downloading letters under the POP3-report
this email is not used before in previous posting

3. Contents of posting messages:

Topic – the message subject. It is recommended the message subject contain 3-4 words at least
Explanation – in this field is the explanatory information to message subject. This field is required on some forums (IPB, etc.)
Message text – the text of posting messages can contain links, macros and the other information

4. To create polling (Poll) - an option for creation of polls with variants of answers at forums. It is forbidden to use links in these fields. Do not confuse with Question – answer system.

5. Thematically targeting:

Priority categories - the list of priority categories which consist from a list of words which should contain inside of forum sections where the program should post the message (will not work with ZLinksList, RLinksList and ELinksList).

The example:
It is necessary to post message on subject such as Real estate.

For this purpose follow these steps:

1.Click Load defaults

2.Type at the top of the default list words that are relevant to your subject (the register of letters makes no difference):

  The real estate
  To lease
  To rent

Therefore, the program will post the message in those sections of forums, which correspond to the needed subjects. If any of the listed topic words are not found in the forum, then XRumer will post to the default topic, such as Offtopic, Flame, Flood, Advertising, etc. If those topics are not found, then it will post on the most visited topics.

6. Preview in browser
By clicking the Test button you will see how your message will be on forums (the forum type can be chosen from 4 most prevalent variants - phpBB, Invision Power Board, vBulletin, YaBB).

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Anonymous said...

I read the whole wall of text, but couldn't find a download link. Please post

Admin said...

Dear Anonymous, you can download XRumer HERE after registration.

Anonymous said...

This tutorial doesn't say where to change the Language. I want to view this program in English, but it's defaulted to Russian...