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Files structure

The description of files structure of XRumer


Debug/ - Here is the log of single test forum processing, after pressing Test button

img/ - In this file is stored graphic information

Langpack/ - Language packs.

Links/ - Here are stored all databases, which contain links of forums, guestbooks, blogs etc. Files format:*LinksList id*.txt

Logs/ - this folder contains report files (reports are automatically created during the XRumer working)

Plugins/ - the folder for plugins

Projects/ - folder for your projects. Files format: *.xpy or *.xml

FieldsForAI - the folder for data from sealf-learning system

DeCaptcha - the folder for user's DLL-libraries (files *.DLL) for Graphic captcha decoding


config.ini XRumer configuration file

proxy.ini – Proxy checking settings

xblack.txt – black list (forums where posting is undesirable)

xprior.txt – contain forums default categories, where are recommended to post messages

xproxy.txt – contain HTTP – proxy list. It is updated automatically or the user fills in it.

xsocks.txt - contain SOCKS – proxy list. (must be filled in by the user)

Types of links databases

There are 5 types:

LinksList id*.txt –the main database.

ZLinksList id*.txt – a database that was formed during the last session when going through the main database. The links stored in this database point directly to the page where message is posted.

MLinksList id*.txt – the database with activation links, formed during the downloading of activation links from the e-mail inbox (it is created if in Profile activation via email option is set up manual mode).

RLinksList id*.txt – the database with links to use Reply option on forums. By using this option you can reply to your previous posts.It is used for Question-answer system.  It is created while executing Forums database list.

ELinksList id*.txt – the databases for editing earlier created post.

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