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Traffic saving algorithm

This algorithm is added into XRumer since 4.0 version

The purpose of algorithm: during posting, XRumer adds a special meta-information in ZLinksList database. In this database are stored some services data, like: what part from each page should be downloaded, which pages should be downloaded and where is enough to get only page header. Thus, in all subsequent dispatches (if ZLinksList mode is chosen) this information will be used for more optimal traffic saving: because XRumer will download only necessary information.

The positive side: reducing dispatch time approximately 3 times and more, in comparison with usual dispatch through ZLinksList, reducing spent traffic, percentage of successful posts is increased.

The negative side: after a while, generated meta-information can become outdated, since administrators of forums and guestbook could do some changes on their resources: to add obligatory registration, pre-moderation, additional protection, to change design etc.

T.S.A. usage:

1.) Enable this features in Option>Advanced options.
2.) Make full posting through LinksList database.
3.) After dispatch will be finished, create a new project (with other values in fields Nickname, E-mail, Topic, etc.)
4.) Delete duplicates from ZLinksList (the database is located in Links folder) using Delete duplicated links tool.
5.) In Links database tab choose ZLinksList mode.
6.) Press Start button.

ATTENTION: It is not recommended to use T.S.A. for : Question-answer system, post-editing system, and also for posting in only registration and from earlier registered user modes.

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