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Posting modes

Posting mode is selected on the Links database tab. There are 5 modes:

1. LinksList – links are taken from the main database.

2. ZLinksList – links are taken from a database that was formed during the last session when going through the main database. The process in this mode is a few times faster, this is because the links stored in this database point directly to the page where message is to be posted.

3. MLinksList – the database with activation links, formed during the downloading of activation links from the e-mail inbox (see Mail).

4. RLinksList – the database with links for answering to in previously created topics.

5. ELinksList – the databases with links to editing before created topics. It is necessary to post necessarily with same nickname and password that was previously used. Probably to edit only those topics that were created on behalf of the registered user.

The ZLinksList id*.txt, RLinksList id*.txt, ELinksList id*.txt and MLinksList id*.txt databases are created during the process of posting.

All databases are located in the Links folder.

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