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XRumer 7 elite

XRumer 7 elite 

XRumer 7 Elite

List of changes and new features of XRumer 7:

  • XRumer is trained to recognize more than 40 new captchas, including RECaptcha and latest IPB/Vbulletin
  • XRumer is trained to more than 2000 new text captchas.
  • he size of file xmessages.txt was increased twice, added new parameters - REG_DISABLED, TEXTCAP_FAILED, LOGIN_FAILED and others.
  • The processing of engines VBulletin, IPB, phpBB was highly increased.
  • was removed usage of personal xrumer_key.txt key (don’t confuse it with Hardware KEY key.lic)
  • where added new macroses:
    • #title – quote page title
    • #quote – quote previous comment from topic
    • #grabbed – paste content, which where parsed with xgrab.txt
  • increased possibility of Self-learning system:
    • automatically assign a value to the selected list of fields in one click
    • automatically translate with Google Translate description of fields
    • visual teaching of new text captchas
  • added new type of posting options: "topic creation only", "Create topic / reply in existing one" and "Reply to existing topic" (can be setup in Advanced Options)
  • in blacklist xblack.txt where added more than 1000 new abusive resources, a lot of them collaborate with Spamhaus, we strongly recommend to filter your new database with this black list.
  • increased speed of XRumer at working with huge databases of links and posting reports.
  • fixed problem with POST-query, where was used
  • fixed bug with "Out of System resources"
  • Mass-PM now is working with vbSEO
  • added variation system for HTTP-headers to determine XRumer (posting with XRumer) more harder
  • fixed bug with cookies, which appeared in work with phpBB3
  • logging in Debug\FormFields it’s more detailed
  • XRumer Elite can bypass captchas with random fieldname
  • "Success" report is more detailed
  • XRumer can bypass text captchas of WiKi, at creating or editing of articles, footprints of such resources are : inurl:/wiki/index.php?title=
  • maximal allowed file size, for checking of duplicates, where increased to - 2 GB
  • removed size limit for files xas.txt, xmessages.txt and others.
  • XRumer 7 can bypass complex captchas:
    • phpBB
    • PB
    • PB 1.3.1
    • IPB 2003
    • Modified IPB
    • Modified IPB 1.3.1
    • Modified IPB 2003

New features of Hrefer 3.3

  • updated googlehost.txt
  • improved work with Google Mobile, Board Reader, Bing
  • proxy checking monitor was improved
  • in added Additive Words, now, it’s possible to use variation by domain zones (for Google, using "site:...")
  • added tool for visual editing of engines.ini, it will help to teach new engines
  • improved work of Google Page Rank: now it’s possible to setup checking until Page Rank will be determined to all links from database.
Remember: It's allow installation of the programs (XRumer and Hrefer) or any of its previous versions on 2 (two) computers at the same time. Change of computers cannot be made, till will not expiry 30 days since last installation.


Difference between XRumer 5 and XRumer 7 elite

XRumer 5 vs XTumer 7
XRumer 5
ReCaptcha, Ucoz, VBulletin 3 - NO
XRumer 7
ReCaptcha, Ucoz, VBulletin 3 - YES

XRumer 5
number of known captcha  ~60
XRumer 7
number of known captcha  more than 100

XRumer 5 - number of known text captcha  ~2000
XRumer 7 - number of known text captcha  more than 4100

XRumer 5 - size of association list xmessages.txt  90 Kb
XRumer 7 - size of association list xmessages.txt  130 Kb

Install XRumer 7.0 in New Folder!
Don't install/overwrite it over version 5! And don't use any key.lic from old versions and xrumer_key.txt

If at retrieving of Hardware key or User authorization take long time, just restart XRumer