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Hrefer 3.5

Hrefer 3.5

Install New Hrefer in NEW folder and copy key.lic file from old install of Hrefer or from Xrumer 7 (from same PC!!!) For Hrefer actiavtion!

List of changes:

+ completely changed algorithm of parsing of search engines, according to this speed of parsing was significantly increased, and chance of receiving google ban reduced (but not totally excluded, that’s why you need to use more proxies and delays in parisng)
+ updated user_agent's list
+ updated list of google datacenters in googlehost.txt
+ now Hrefer better simulates Browsers and manual parsing, and this have reduced possibility of search engine ban for bot-parsing
+ in filed Query (engines.ini) where added macros #random – it adds random number from 1 to 1000
+ updated parsing mechanism of Yandex and Google

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