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XRumer 7.09 Elite

XRumer 7.09 Elite

ATTENTION! At updating XRumer to new version do not forget to install in new folder. And before starting new version copy key.lic file from previous install of XRumer 7. This is very important!

XRumer is trained to new types of graphical CAPTCHAs:

XRumer 7.09 Elite

After checking on server was added more than 5000 new textual captcha, received from users.

BONUS!! In Links folder can be found a database LinksList id100.txt, with 20 k links. The database is checked (success rate with “registration only” mode is about 70-80%). It contains only forum, may help if you are working with profiles.

• New template to activation links was added Xpop.txt was added.
• Significantly was supplemented textcaptcha_forbidden.txt (special thanks to Bint for assistance)
• The file \FieldsForAI\Ignore_tc.txt was added. This file contains a list of fields name that are not related to textual captcha.
• in "Antispam" system was improved collection of topics from VBulletin engine version 4.0 or higher (where links are processed through Mod Rewrite)
• Reporting in Antispam system was improved.
• Collecting of topics for Antispam system was increased, through training to templates of Mod Rewrite links ( it supports latest versions of Vbulletin, same as IPB, phpBB, vBSEO module)
• In xurl.txt was added new templates to determine links to sections and topics of forums, which also increases the success rate on reply to existing topics mode, and improves the choice of section according to priority list of projects.
• Refilled the file xpostmask.ini
• Editing of posts on LiveJournal was fixed.
• Processing of Java-scripts on non-standard forms was improved.
• Bug with sending to Anticaptcha the images with size more than 30 Kb was fixed.
• Increase success rate of posting to DLE engine.
• A serious bug at processing the POST-queries was fixed. This bug was significantly decreasing the success rate of posting on IP.Board (latest version) and some other engines.
• Registration was improved on LiveStreet engine
• XRumer was touched new engines. Now it’s possible to register on phpdug and on forums with footprint inurl:"/join.php", to post comments on blogs with footprints /article/number_of_post.aspx and to work with catalogues Annuaire.
• Processing of non-standard version of phpBB was improved.
• The bug with not fully loading of Log.txt file in Sefl-Learning system was fixed. As result pre-caching process can take more time but resulting information will be more fully.
• Improved filtering of fields that are not related to textual captcha.
• Mass-PM on IP.Board was improved.
• Success rate of posting on Vbulletin version 4.1.* was increased.
• Translate of text field were improved in Self-Learning system.
• Bug with slowing down at adding a reply to textual captcha was fixed.
• Added new rules for new version IP.Board in MakeToIndex.ini file
• percent of appearing of error “unknown problem” has decreased
• added fuzzy rule for recognition of arithmetic captcha on Pligg engine
• Processing of MyBB engine was improved. Percent of saved profiles was increased.
• Running “Check for proxies” button from XRumer interface was corrected.
• Processing of Cookies was improved.
• Success rate of posting has increased on blogs WordPress, which are using “NotCaptcha” protection.
• Gmail registration was updated.
• Transfer of external Cookies at Re-Captcha queries was turned off. отключена передача посторонних Cookies при запросе РеКапчи
• Progress-bar from threads tab was corrected.
• It’s possible automatically to use proxies for threads if at clicking on registration link appeared flag BANNED
• added features to enable / change proxy, if a message was received that the IP on current resource was found via StopForumSpam
• improved detection of captcha kcaptcha
• Bug with multiple messages “using proxy” in threads tab was fixed.
• ReCaptcha entering on forms like "multipart/form-data" was fixed.
• XRumer is teach to post on Pligg

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1 comment.:

Ankush said...

hi....i am using XRumer 7.09 Elite version....while working on this application i am facing a problem of duplicate links in profile id after completion of project....what should i do to make this ok...i needed around 16000 links per projec, out of these 16000 links only 2000(more or less) are unique others are duplicate.....please help me...i am for reply...Thank you...