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XRumer 5.0.12 Palladium

New updated:
XRumer 5.0.12 Palladium

Install Xrumer 5.0.12 in New Folder!

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XRumer 5.0.12

+ New recognition technology was developed for graphic captcha, that will facilitate the recognition of ReCaptcha etc.
+ XRumer 5.0.12 Palladium will automatically register email boxes on Yandex.Ru and Rambler.Ru
+ XRumer is trained to recognize 50 text captcha
+ Adjusted the processing of engines like: SLAED (registration, editing of profiles) and Drupal
+ The quantity of content harvested by system "AntiSpam" is increased
+ Following bugs in "AntiSpam" systems was fixed:
   - the bug with turning off the system
   - bug with disconnecting neutral phrases
   - bug with the response to "Last post"

+ The file with detailed logs of parsed links in Debug mode: Debug \ URLs_Detailed.txt
+ Set a report of processed forums: Logs \ Spammed id *. txt - it's created during the process of collecting content for "AntiSpam" system (nodes.txt)
+ Now the debug log "poplogs.txt" is not created by default
+ Following changes in manual-mode was added:
   - clickable links on the pictures is implemented
   - now to disable sounds is possible
   - finally the bug with hanging of software in manual mode at 430th captcha is fixed
+ The processing of engine phpBB3 is corrected
+ The logic of selection of category in forum in accordance with the list of priority categories was corrected. If the category is wrote between quotes the software will look into the forum for exact match.
+ The algorithm for downloading activation links is improved
+ Handling of forums in German is improved
+ The grabbing of content in the mask reports is implemented, defined in the new file xgrab.txt

+ The bug with "[not translated]" in interface of XRumer is fixed.
+ Improved the work with Ukoz, realized editing of profiles in Ukoz.
+ Success rate of checking of active links was improved (CheckForActiveLink = 1 in xuser.ini)+ Fixed uploading of avatars to phpBB3 and other engines.
+ Fixed detection of popularity of categories on the forums.
+ XRumer 5.0.12 was trained to pass complicated Java-protection on MyBB engine.

+ Scheduler was improved. In the scheduler table was added opportunity to "drag & drop" tasks.
+ Support of HTTPS-protocol was realized.
+ Updated auto-registration on Mail.ru and Rambler.Ru
+ Field "Signature" in project editing window now can contain multiple lines.
+ Realized the possibility of using variation system in email fields from project editing window (login, password, pop-server).
+ Improved Aggressive posting mode, but the speed of posting now can be a little slower.
+ XRumer 5.0.12 trained to bypass the protection of "I'm not a Robot" on WP engine.

+ At problems with internet connection, XRumer will pause posting process.
+ Improved recognition of ReCaptcha.
+ Max. quantity of priority categories was increased from 100 to 200
+ Work with forums and profile editing was improved.
+ Work with Invision Power Board (U) v1.3 was improved.
+ Success rate of posting to several forum engines was improved.

+ Was made many improvements of Mass-PM:
   1. If the user has setup to not accept PM's then XRumer will skip this user.
   2. Parsing of user lists was improved.
   3. Increased speed of sending PMs
   4. XRumer was trained to new engine: SMF (Simple Machines Forum)
   5. Captcha recognition on MassPM was improved.
   6. Fixed report of "links to Profiles".
   7. Implemented caching of usernames lists from forums - the cache is stored in "MassPM" folder.
   8. XRumer can bypass extra protection for sending PMs.

+ Fixed bug with CAPTCHAs, which contain redirect.
+ XRumer 5.0.12 trained to post comments to the PHP-Fusion engine.
+ Added possibility to change email at registration on forums if initial email was banned.
+ XRumer trained in the new engine on ASPX, footprint: inurl: CreateUser.aspx? ReturnUrl =
+ XRumer 5.0.12 trained to post comments on Blogger.com.

+ Improved analysis of the texts next to the fields, to detect these fields (but this may increase usage of CPU)
+ XRumer trained make registration on http://www.jamespot.com/do?action=register engine.
+ Added macro #subject - quote in the message text of subject header.
+ Improved work with DLE engine.
+ XRumer trained to bypass Java-protection for posting comments on Joomla
+ Added option to try to recognize unknown captchas, even if XRumer was not trained to recognize them (CheckUnknownCaptchas xuser.ini)

+ Added possibility to variate parameters of Emails at activation of emails in manual mode.
+Added system of auto-correction of signatures if BBcode in signature filed is not working.
+ XRumer 5.0.12 was trained to bypass text captchas with random generated names of reply fields.
+ Fixed some small bugs and improved interface of XRumer.
+ Help file was updated.

Hrefer 2.99

+ Google parsing is worked out
+ the problem with quotes in queries are fixed
+ the possibility to collect links with http:// is added
+ Yahoo can be parsed with link: site: linkdomain quaries.
+ visual tracking of each thread is added (from drop down menu)
+ the interface is updated


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XRumer 5.09 Palladium

XRumer 5.09 PalladiumToday uploaded new updated:
XRumer 5.09 Palladium

Due to delays update to all customers for free prolonged abony. fee for 1 month.

This month is scheduled another update. Work continues on improving the system "Antispam".

XRumer 5.09

+ Program trained to recognize the 5 types of new graphic CAPTCHA
+ Program with an additional 400 trained bypass text CAPTCHA
+ Completely renovated attached base: volume increased by more than 50%
+ Increased Piercing php-Nuke
+ Updated autoregistration mailboxes at mail.ru, gmail.com
+ Increased the stability of the program
+ Fixed auto-proxy / SOCKS server through Botmaster
+ Fixed a critical error in the algorithm for downloading messages and links activation
+ Service, along with anti-captcha.com, connected service captchabot.com
+ Now xurl.txt can use regular expressions
+ If unsuccessful autoregistration mailboxes now stored record to determine the causes
+ Corrected the logic of parsing content
+ Added a number of warnings for the protection of the fool "
+ Improved handling redirects
+ Improved handling of forums on the engine SMF
+ In debug (Debug) mode added logging to file CategoriesSort id*.txt - the log sort sections
Forum in accordance with the list of priority sections of
+ Is not necessary to prescribe the line in your hosts for the correct activation of XRumer
+ Added the ability to use regular expressions in xurl.txt
+ Implemented control syntax for the file xurl.txt
+ Help file is updated
The new base can download individual.


CAPTCHA types that can be recognized by XRumer

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Traffic saving algorithm

This algorithm is added into XRumer since 4.0 version

The purpose of algorithm: during posting, XRumer adds a special meta-information in ZLinksList database. In this database are stored some services data, like: what part from each page should be downloaded, which pages should be downloaded and where is enough to get only page header. Thus, in all subsequent dispatches (if ZLinksList mode is chosen) this information will be used for more optimal traffic saving: because XRumer will download only necessary information.

The positive side: reducing dispatch time approximately 3 times and more, in comparison with usual dispatch through ZLinksList, reducing spent traffic, percentage of successful posts is increased.

The negative side: after a while, generated meta-information can become outdated, since administrators of forums and guestbook could do some changes on their resources: to add obligatory registration, pre-moderation, additional protection, to change design etc.

T.S.A. usage:

1.) Enable this features in Option>Advanced options.
2.) Make full posting through LinksList database.
3.) After dispatch will be finished, create a new project (with other values in fields Nickname, E-mail, Topic, etc.)
4.) Delete duplicates from ZLinksList (the database is located in Links folder) using Delete duplicated links tool.
5.) In Links database tab choose ZLinksList mode.
6.) Press Start button.

ATTENTION: It is not recommended to use T.S.A. for : Question-answer system, post-editing system, and also for posting in only registration and from earlier registered user modes.


Tools set up

XRumer settings

This option is available through menu: Options -> Tools set up

XRumer options tools set up

These settings affect the work of built-in tools for working with database (see Tools menu) - instrument Links post-processing  and Delete duplicates


Files structure

The description of files structure of XRumer


Debug/ - Here is the log of single test forum processing, after pressing Test button

img/ - In this file is stored graphic information

Langpack/ - Language packs.

Links/ - Here are stored all databases, which contain links of forums, guestbooks, blogs etc. Files format:*LinksList id*.txt

Logs/ - this folder contains report files (reports are automatically created during the XRumer working)

Plugins/ - the folder for plugins

Projects/ - folder for your projects. Files format: *.xpy or *.xml

FieldsForAI - the folder for data from sealf-learning system

DeCaptcha - the folder for user's DLL-libraries (files *.DLL) for Graphic captcha decoding


config.ini XRumer configuration file

proxy.ini – Proxy checking settings

xblack.txt – black list (forums where posting is undesirable)

xprior.txt – contain forums default categories, where are recommended to post messages

xproxy.txt – contain HTTP – proxy list. It is updated automatically or the user fills in it.

xsocks.txt - contain SOCKS – proxy list. (must be filled in by the user)

Types of links databases

There are 5 types:

LinksList id*.txt –the main database.

ZLinksList id*.txt – a database that was formed during the last session when going through the main database. The links stored in this database point directly to the page where message is posted.

MLinksList id*.txt – the database with activation links, formed during the downloading of activation links from the e-mail inbox (it is created if in Profile activation via email option is set up manual mode).

RLinksList id*.txt – the database with links to use Reply option on forums. By using this option you can reply to your previous posts.It is used for Question-answer system.  It is created while executing Forums database list.

ELinksList id*.txt – the databases for editing earlier created post.


Interface sleep mode

XRumer Sleep Mode

After 5 minutes of inactivity, the interface of XRumer will go in sleep mode. At sleep mode all actions (posting, proxies update, email activation, etc) are NOT stopped. The only action stopped is visual interface. It is necessary to use this option to reduce usage of CPU and RAM. Due to it, the speed and stability of posting are increased.

Just moving mouse sleep mode goes inactive.

To turn off Sleep mode open xuser.ini file, in Section: "AdvOption" add "EnableSleepMode=0" (without quotes)


Links database filter - few tips how to use it

In fact, this tool is very easy to use and it is detailed described in help file. But I’ll try to make it more detailed with screenshots and examples. So it will be more easily and more effectively to use this tool.

I’ll begin with a little introduction then I’ll give 3 examples:
  1. How to select from LinksList id*.txt database only those links that are in “Success” report?
    it means: How to clear default database that as result it will contain only working links.
  2. How to delete from database all URLs which contain link to feedback.
    So it means: How to delete potential abusive and practically useless links from database.
  3. How to delete from “Success” report all links which contains “nofollow is found”


This tool can filter by 2 (two) methods:

1) Using second database as filter (with 2 options “are present in filter database” and “are NOT present in filter database”
2) Using words or phrases as filter.

Using second database as filter

To use this method you need to enable this option:

XRumer lesson image

After chose database (it will be used as filter) press “…” at the right. You can use as filter other database, or some Report database (“Successful”, “Which requires activation” etc), or a list of hosts.

Schematic it will look like:

XRumer lesson

Database 1 – it is default database.
Database 2 – it is filter database.
The database which results of crossing of these 2 databases will contain links with identical hostnames (domain names).

Further, you chose one of options:
“Put to res. database only that strings from src. base, which hostnames”
• Are present in filter database
• Are NOT present in filter-database

If you chose first option (to put in resulting database stings of hostnames that are present in filter database), result will be schematically like this:

Lesson 3 XRumer

In resulting database will be links from default database, which are in both databases (default and filter)

If you chose second option (to put in resulting database stings of hostnames that are NOT present in filter database), result will be schematically like this:

XRumer turtorial

In resulting database will be links from default database, which are not in filter databases.

Using words or phrases as filter

This method is easier. The program will select in resulting database only links which contain (or don’t contain) words used as filter:

XRumer lesson image


Example №1
How to select from LinksList id*.txt database only those links that are in “Success” report?

It means: How to clear default database that as result it will contain only working links.

You finished posting through database ID1 (it mean LinksList id1.txt), and want to leave only successful links (links where message was posted). For that you need to make following actions:
1) Open Tools> Links database filter
2) Chose “Src. base" (source database) by pressing “…” button – in our case is LinksList id1.txt
3) Select checkbox in front of “Use filter”, and select filter – in our case is “Success” report. This file is located in folder Logs\name_of_your_project\Success id*.txt
4) In options select “Are present in filter-database”

It should be like that:

XRumer lesson 5 image

5) Press “Start” button. In few minutes we will have in LinksList id1_res.txt database only working links to forums / guestbooks / blogs. After, you can rename this database to LinkList id*.txt ( * - is a number of your database)

Example №2
How to delete from database all URLs that contain link to feedback?

So it means: How to delete potential abusive and practically useless links from database.

First of all we need to have a list of footprints, which are in links and direct to feedback.

I’ve made this list:

1) Open Tools> Links database filter
2) Chose “Src. base" (source database) by pressing “…” button – in our case is LinksList id1.txt
3) In field “Filter-words” enter words from the list, separated by space.
4) Search scope – chose “Only links” (searching will be done only in domain names)
5) From option “Strings, which contains these words -” chose “Remove”. So, all links, which contains words from list, will be deleted.

It should be like that:

XRumer lesson 5-7

6) Press “Start” button. In few minutes, resulting database will be filtered

Example №3
How to delete from “Success” report all links which contains “nofollow is found”

As you can see, at posting Xrumer save links in “Success” report, which contains “rel=nofollow”.

nofollow is found;
If you want to delete these links follow these steps:
1) Open Tools> Links database filter
2) Chose “Success” report, by pressing “…” button at “Src. base" field. This file is located in folder xrumer_folder\Logs\name_of_your_project\Success id*.txt
3) In “Filter words” field enter “nofollow”(without quotes)
4) Search scope – chose “All except links”.
5) From option “Strings, which contains these words -” chose “Remove”. So, all strings, which contains the searched word, will be deleted from database.
6) Press “Start” button. In few minutes, resulting database will be filtered.


XRumer posting modes

Posting modes

Posting mode is selected on the Links database tab. There are 5 modes:

1. LinksList – links are taken from the main database.

2. ZLinksList – links are taken from a database that was formed during the last session when going through the main database. The process in this mode is a few times faster, this is because the links stored in this database point directly to the page where message is to be posted.

3. MLinksList – the database with activation links, formed during the downloading of activation links from the e-mail inbox (see Mail).

4. RLinksList – the database with links for answering to in previously created topics.

5. ELinksList – the databases with links to editing before created topics. It is necessary to post necessarily with same nickname and password that was previously used. Probably to edit only those topics that were created on behalf of the registered user.

The ZLinksList id*.txt, RLinksList id*.txt, ELinksList id*.txt and MLinksList id*.txt databases are created during the process of posting.

All databases are located in the Links folder.


XRumer posting process

The process of posting

During the work XRumer processes step by step links from forums database – LinksList id*.txt (or ZLinksList id*.txt, MLinksList id*.txt, RLinksList id*.txt – see Posting modes).

The algorithm of work is:

1. The program access the site processing link by link from the database.

2. If it is a forum, it chooses the most suitable topic for your message.
If it is not – it looks for a link to blog/guestbook/links catalog/creation of new topic etc.

3. The program checks if registration is needed to create topics.
If registration is obligatory – it registers to the forum, and logs into it after that.
If during registration there is a need to enter a text from a picture (pictocode) – the picture is downloaded and processed, and the code is entered.

If registration must be activated by an e-mail, the program will continue working on next forum and activate links on background, if Profiles activation via e-mail is set in automatic mode.

If is turned off – it will stop work on this forum.

If Profiles activation via e-mail is set in manual mode, then it will download activation links from the e-mail inbox only by pressing the button Get the activation links from the mail box in Mail tab. This  forum will be placed in the report file Activation id*.txt. Downloaded links are placed into the MLinksList id*.txt database.

4. Find the form that has to be filled in and fills in the needed fields.

5. Sends the entered data.

6. Checks whether the information sent was actually posted. If it was – link to the page with the message is added to the Success id*.txt report. If data was sent but the software could not verify the posting - link to the page with the message is added to the HalfSuccess id*.txt report.

The link to the page where message posting has occurred is placed into the ZLinksList id*.txt database and if next time the process is launched not by the LinksList id*.txt database but by the ZLinksList id*.txt database it will run 5-7 times faster. The link to the page where the reply to that message is posted is placed into the RLinksList id*.txt database. And next time you start the messaging from this database, no new topics will be created, instead replies to previously created topics will be sent.

7. If the link to the form or the forum has not been found, the link is placed into the Resultates id*.txt report, with the explanation why the posting failed.

8. If Profiles activation via e-mail is set in automatic mode, the program will continue working and activate links on background.

If Profiles activation via e-mail is set in manual mode, when the end of the LinksList id*.txt database is reached, only by pressing the button Get the activation links from the mail box, XRumer will switch to downloading activation links from the e-mail inbox. Downloaded links are placed into the MLinksList id*.txt database. When the download is complete it goes through the activation links.

Note: all databases are stored in the Links folder, reports in Logs folder.


XRumer tools

XRumer Tools

The program has a big number of useful tools built-in (for example a tool to work with links databases). They can be accessed through the menu at the top of the main window. All tools are working in demo-version also.

1. Links counter - by clicking this menu a window will appear, allowing you to choose the needed file. Choose the required database from the Links folder and Xrumer will tell you the exact number of links in that database.

2. Links post-processing - alters the form of links in the selected database into their index condition (for example links looking like this http://link.com/index.php?... are changed into http://link.com/index.php).

Attention: This tool is intended only for forums. With guestbook, blogs, links catalogues and others the tool will not work. To set up this tool use Advanced options.

3. Delete all links according to black list - after clicking this menu you choose from subfolder Links which file to process. After that the program will delete all links in chosen database according to the black-list (it is stored in the xblack.txt that is located in main folder of program). At the end of filtering, all filtered (removed) links are automatically located in the file blackfiltered.txt of the program's root folder.

4. Delete duplicated links – program deletes all duplicate links with the same hostname (except the first one) from the selected database. To set up this tool use Advanced options.

5. Filter links by domain zone - choose database, then select domain zone, for example .su (without brackets). All links with domains matching with *.su mask will be deleted. This is convenient when for example you want to remove all Russian language forums from an English language base.

filter by domain`s zone

6. Sort Success id*.txt by topic number - selected report file of successfully posted messages (located in Logs file) will be sorted by topic number in descending order. That way at the beginning of the list there will be the most visited forums.

7. Links database analysis - this is a powerful tool that can be used for a number of tasks. Most useful ones are:

- To check on which sites the message was successfully posted and count the percentage of them that were deleted by moderators.

- To select forums by their subject

links database analysis


1. In the Source field enter the file to be analyzed. If it is a links database, it will be located in the Links folder, if it is a Success report - in the Logs folder.

2. In the Search field enter the words and phrases for search. If Search in = Content option is selected, the search will be done only on those sites. If Hostnames option is set, search will be done only on link's domains and will take seconds.

3. Click Start

Results are stored in a file that is set in the Dest field.

Examples of search queries:

my site
cool site
- in this case phrases my site and cool site will be checked for presence (without brackets)

my site
cool site
- in this case words my or site or cool will be checked for presence (without brackets)

- in this case mysite.com will be checked for presence (without brackets)

Take into consideration that with analyzing of reports files, the results will be only the approximate, because in reports files not all links lead directly to posted message (for example, on some forums they lead to forum categories).

8. Links database filter - universal tool for processing links databases and report files.

links database filter

It’s a very flexible filter which you can use for many different tasks. Processing speed of base from 500 thousand links – will take no more than 1 second. In Filter-words field can be used words or a file with filter words per line.
The tool is extremely simply to use.

Some examples:

It is necessary to allocate all links from Success id1.txt report file, where the word Registered is NOT included:

1. In field Scr. Base select Success id1.txt
2. Deselect checkbox Use filter (if it is selected)
3. In field, Filter-words type registered (without quotes).
4. Select the option Entire line from drop down menu Search scope, and Remove option.
5. Press Start

Results will be saved in file (Success id1.txt) indicated in Res.base field, and will contain links on forums where the message was sent without registration.

It is necessary to selecte all links from ForumList id1.txt database with domains zones .ru, .ua, .kz, .by, (Russian resources):

1. In field Scr. base select LinksList id1.txt
2. Deselect checkbox Use filter (if it is selected)
3. In field, Filter-words type .ru, .ua, .kz, .by (without quotes).
4. Select the option Domain zone from drop down menu Search scope.
5. Select Remain, remove others
6. Press Start

Results will be saved in file (LinksList id1.txt) indicated in Res.base field, and will contain links only to Russian-language resources.

It is necessary to filter LinksList id1.txt file after posting, leaving only links, where was posted the message:

1. In field Scr. base select LinksList id1.txt
2. Select checkbox Use filter (if it is not selected)
3. In field Res. base select the report, created after posting : Logs/Projec_name/Success id1.txt.
4. Select the option Filter-database > Are present in filter database.
5. Press Start

9. Links patterns analysis - the tool for automatic analysis of reports and links databases, to reveal most often met attributes (patterns) of links. To see results is possible in 3 ways: text, table and diagram. This tool allows, not only, to analyze databases and reports, but also to form automatically databases of queries for parsing search engines.

links patterns analysis

  • Analysis area - part of link, which is analysed. It's either only path, or only file name, or path + file name.
  • Report format - the form how will be shown all gathered links patterns: XRumer pattern (with use [...]), or inquiries format for Google (for gathering similar links), or PHP regular expression.
  • Export to file LinksReport.txt - if enabled, at the end of analysis, the results will be saved in LinksReport.txt file.
  • Show count in text - quantity of pattern hits in database in the Text tab (switch off this option if you wish to copy results for the further work)
  • Ignore patterns with index. - will be analyzed only those links, which don't contain index..
  • Restrict report for ... patterns - limits of lines (patterns) in the report file. In analyzed database, the list is always sorted on popularity decrease.

10. Links converter (HTML/BBCode + anchors) - the tool for fast generation or conversion of links format.

BBcode links corverter

- Choose a pattern (mask) according to which links will be generated,
- Choose the desired format and generation method,
- Fill the list of links and anchors, and press button  Generate .

The list of links will be generated in  Result  block.

11. Graphics reports - this tool allows to receive graphic display of distribution (in percentage ratio) of successfully posted messages from database, of links waiting activation, and also domain zones, forums engines and guestbooks. To begin the distribution, press the button Load DB and reports. It is recommended to use this tool, after full dispatch, when all reports of current links database are already generated.

There are two kinds of displaying mode - in graph form and in diagram form (see screenshots below).
The graph gives approximate representation about distribution. The graph and the diagram are freely scaled at change of form sizes .

The note: the screenshots below have been made after the dispatch by unchecked database of  1.400.000 links.

XRumer graphics reports
  • Graph form representation: if in current project the dispatch in chosen database was ended (partially or a strip), you will see two curves: green - distribution of successful posts, blue - distribution of forums waiting activation. Other curve distributions can be enabled/switched off manually, by choosing corresponding items in   Domains zones  and Engines blocks.
  • XRumer palladium graphics reports
  • Diagram form representation: here, it is possible to see the total contents of chosen elements from database. Horizontal columns show percentage of, and on the right, it is shown absolute quantity in database.


XRumer interface

XRumer interface

1. Main window

Xrumer Main window

1. Main menu:

XRumer main menu

Project – project editing menu (messages text, links, titles, nicknames and other information is stored in this folder); project files have .xpy extensions and are stored in the Projects folder. This is not accessible in the demo version.
Tools – different tools for working with the links database: counting totals, removal of duplicates, sorting by topic number, black-list filtering etc.
Options - editing your account on http://www.botmasternet.com (login and password), Proxy-connection setup, choice of links uploading mode of activation from a mail box (automatic background / manual / switched - off), other options
Events log - the list of the processes and times that XRumer has performed.
Scheduler - management of scheduled tasks  for the next advertisements to be sent.
Self-learning - self-learning system to unknown fields of forms (textarea, input, select, etc.). For experienced users only!
Plugins - the list of downloaded plugins, start/stop plugins download.
Help – opens the help files.

2. Information : name of software, used version, contacts.

3. Graphic logo. It can be hide from advanced option.

4. Available updates.

5. TO CHECK THE DEMO VERSION: send a message to a single forum/guestbook/blog etc. In the text box you can specify URL (link) and send default message by clicking Test. If the monitoring option has been set (see Advanced options) then you will be able to see the process of posting in detail at the top of the window. The results are located in the Reports tab. Also in this mode, a detailed report is stored in Debug folder.

6. Status bar. Here you see what the program is currently doing.

S - posting
M - downloading activation links from email box
P - updating proxies

7. The list of current threads. Here you can see the links that the program is currently using.

8. Chose of posting mode: usual Posting or Mass-PM

9. Posting management:

  Start – sets the process to start from the beginning of the selected database. The number of the position is reset, also old reports are deleted (if it's enabled appropriate option in advanced option).
  Resume from the last position – continues the process from last position where was stopped.
  Stop – Stops the launching of new threads. The threads that have already started will continue until they finish.

10. Program settings tabs:

Links database – in this tab are selected the database to forums/guestbooks/blogs etc. and posting mode.  Links databases is a text file, located in Links folder and have the following format: LinksList id*.txt, where * is its ID (database's number).

Before starting a new project, make sure that database is set to LinksList, and NOT to MLinksList or ZLinksList, etc.

  Reports – detailed reports on current processes.
  Mail – Used to download the activation links from the e-mail inbox. It is recommended to create the address solely for posting purpose. Login and password to this e-mail are set in the project file.
  Anonymity – proxy-server usage settings.
  Multi-threading settings – here you can select number of threads to run. As higher will be the maximum number of concurrent threads – the faster will be the speed (the amount of threads should correspond to bandwidth of your Internet – connection). At connection of 1Mb/sec (without proxy) it is recommended to use 15 treads and at 4 Mb/sec use 60-70 treads. Periodicity – 10...1000 (it is recommended to not change). It makes sense to change this parameter only if you want to reduce posting speed.

If in email box will be more than 500 letters waiting for activation, Xrumer automatically will reduce TEMPORARILY the number of treads to 5. This number of treads will be maintained until all letters of activation will be downloaded. After all letters will be downloaded, number of treads will be restored. (see background activation option)

11. Same commands as in the Project menu.

2.  The project creation and editing window

XRumer project creation and editing window

Project name - indicate the name of your project (it is identical to file name created in Projects folder).

1. User personal information:

Nickname – nick (login). It is recommended to use only Latin letters exclusively
Password - user password sign at registration into forums, blogs
Real name - on some sites at registration besides a nickname it is necessary to specify a real name of the user. It may be the same as nickname.
Homepage – the URL of promoted site. Which should begin with http: //
ICQ - number of ICQ (it must be not identical to yours)
City - user’s city. Any links in this and the next fields are forbidden to the personal information.
Country – the country of residence of the user.
Area of work - a trade/specialization/job of the user. It is possible to specify several profession, through a comma
Hobbies – user’s hobbies.
Signature – the signature in your profile (it can contain BB-code)

To fill Signature field ONLY if it is necessary, because it may reduce success rate. Same as for Text for unknown fields (in bottom of window)

2. Email (contact e-mail, specified at registration on forum, It is recommended to create the address solely for posting purpose for each new project):

Full address – full email address of a format login@site.com
Password – the password to this email
Login – the login name
POP-server address - for uploading letters under the POP-report, it is necessary to find out the address on mail server. For example: on mail.ru the mail server address - pop.mail.ru

Note: if you'll use a nonstandard POP mail service then you should enter POP address in xpop.txt file, in field [PORT].

Below these fields are button for automatic email registration on mail.ru, cashette.com, gawab.com, web.de.

Before starting a new posting; check through a browser (Internet Explorer or other), that:

email address specified in the project, is available on the specified data
there is an opportunity of downloading letters under the POP3-report
this email is not used before in previous posting

3. Contents of posting messages:

Topic – the message subject. It is recommended the message subject contain 3-4 words at least
Explanation – in this field is the explanatory information to message subject. This field is required on some forums (IPB, etc.)
Message text – the text of posting messages can contain links, macros and the other information

4. To create polling (Poll) - an option for creation of polls with variants of answers at forums. It is forbidden to use links in these fields. Do not confuse with Question – answer system.

5. Thematically targeting:

Priority categories - the list of priority categories which consist from a list of words which should contain inside of forum sections where the program should post the message (will not work with ZLinksList, RLinksList and ELinksList).

The example:
It is necessary to post message on subject such as Real estate.

For this purpose follow these steps:

1.Click Load defaults

2.Type at the top of the default list words that are relevant to your subject (the register of letters makes no difference):

  The real estate
  To lease
  To rent

Therefore, the program will post the message in those sections of forums, which correspond to the needed subjects. If any of the listed topic words are not found in the forum, then XRumer will post to the default topic, such as Offtopic, Flame, Flood, Advertising, etc. If those topics are not found, then it will post on the most visited topics.

6. Preview in browser
By clicking the Test button you will see how your message will be on forums (the forum type can be chosen from 4 most prevalent variants - phpBB, Invision Power Board, vBulletin, YaBB).


How to start working with XRumer

How to start working with XRumer

For demo version:

1. Start xpymep.exe program

2. Carefully read instructions in the window and click OK

3. Proceed according to instructions    

For full version:

1. Start xpymep.exe program.

2. Click on the menu Project → New, fill in the required fields.

3. Save the project.

4. Select the required database in the Links database tab; make sure the LinksList is selected.

5. Click Start from beginning button or Resume from the last position.  


If you are planning to use proxy, do not forget to update the proxies list in the Anonymity tab. Besides that, to make the process more secure and stable, it is recommended that you place a script on any site and set up the program in the following way:

- Upload the proxyc folder to any of your sites - this is the script that checks if the proxy is really anonymous.
- Open the menu Settings → Proxy-checking settings
- In the field Checker script address choose Use own address and enter the full address to the script. Use the browser to make sure you typed the address correctly and the script is placed properly on the site.


How to send responses to the themes of other users through XRumer

Advanced users know that Xrumer can post replies in earlier created topics (Question –Answer system). But, only, in those topics that were created by Xrumer (see help file “Database type>RLinksList”). To post replies in topics of other users was problematic. Now such option is available – using additional program rgen.exe

What for is needed this option?

  • To send replies in topics with your theme, to maintain an existing dialog. Such topics can be gathered with Hrefer, by setting it up correctly.
  • To send replies to multiple topics from one forum (if you know for sure, that this forum is not moderated) or to many forums.
  • To increase your RLinksList database by converting Success report in additional RLinksList.

How it’s working?
Using additional program rgen.exe (download it here) you can convert database with links to topics (that mean in links of ANSWER to topics) – in RLinkslist database.

Screen of program:

XRumer lesson image

Src.file – source file with links to topics (gathered with Hrefer or use report Success id*.txt – “Successful”)
Dest.file – resulting file, there will be placed links of answer in these topics RLinksList id*.txt

If the option “Place to the dest.file only converted links” enable, then in resulting file will be placed ONLY converted links.
The option “Filter doubles by topic ID: select last topic on identical forums” will filter duplicates of topics and will save only links to last topics on identical forums. This option will be helpful if you had gathered database without filtering by duplicates.

Example of usage:

XRumer 5.0 Palladium lesson image

At the present, the program convert links like:

That mean program works with most popular forum engines: phpBB (different versions) VBulletin, IPB (but not in all cases), UltimateBB, YaBB and some other. This program will NOT work on guestbooks, boards, catalogues.


XRumer Links database analysis

In this lesson it will be detailed described how correctly to use Links database analysis in 3 different cases:

1. Filtering adult-resources by hostname from mixed database.
2. Extracting only forums on phpBB
3. Database checking for “200 OK”- that mean extracting only working links.

There are just few examples of usage of this tool in different aims. Besides, this tool can extract only Russian resources (not using domain zones), or resources which use a specific engine/themes etc.

Example № 1
Filtering adult-resources by hostname from mixed database

Suppose, that in domain name of host contains adult keywords, then domain will have relation to adult content. This report is at 97% true, that mean almost all domains which contains adult keyword have adult content, and 3 % will not change much.

1) Choose adult keywords. For example, I chose only 5 keywords.

2) Let set up the toll. For example, I took LinkList id22.txt that came free with Xrumer. Filtration will be by domain zone, and not by content – so number of treads is not so important.
In “Search:” field, enter your list of keywords. So it will look like:

XRumer 5.06

3) Press “Run”. Process will take 2-3 seconds, because we use search by hostnames. So in few seconds we can see results.

XRumer 5.0 Palladium

As it can see the result is saved in new created database LinksList id22_mod.txt. Open this database – there are 773 links. If we have used more keywords then the result would be above.

There are certainly small errors – in fact the word “express” after the word that finish with “s” will be as our keyword “sex”. These errors can be filtered by running the tool second time.
The task to collect adult database from mixed database is fulfilled less than in 5 minute.

Example №2
Extracting only forums on phpBB

1) Now will make a search by content and not by hostname. The process will be similar to first one with exception that keywords will be search in content of site and not in hostname. It will take some time to do search. Will use some keywords like:

2) Let set up the toll. I took same database as in first example (LinkList id22.txt). In this case filtration will be by content, and not by hostname (domain zone). The number of treads will be 30 at 5Mb/sec connection. In “Search:” field enters your list of keywords. So it will look like:

buy XRumer

3) Press “Run”. In few minutes will be checked more than 3000 URLs

XRumer links database

At the end in new created database LinksList id2_mod.txt will be more than 11.000 forums on phpBB (from 25 000 links database):

Example №3
Database checking for “200 OK”- that mean extracting only working links.

1) This example is analogical with search by content. For searching for “200 OK” it is not necessary to download full page, it is enough to download only topic. At begin of this topic should be “200 OK”. If in topic will be "404 NOT FOUND" or "403 FORBIDDEN", then this link mismatches with our search. So in “Search:” field should use only one line:

“200 OK”
2) Use same settings as in last example, with exception don’t forget to enable option “Check only header in content”, number of treads -50. It will be used LinksList id30.txt database. So it will look like:

XRumer options

3) Press “Run”. Process is faster, than in previous example (40treads/sec, instead of 12 treads/sec as was in previous example), because search is made only in topic of content (since “200 OK” is only in topic):

Download XRumer

In fact, in resulting database (LinksList id30_mod.txt) are saved almost all links, because most of them are working (from 1357 links working links are 1256 links). All links where appear “404 Not Found” or where host is banned – are filtered
As you could see this tool can be used in many different ways. Success in Your experiments!


Use XRumer with white hat site

I think it will be helpfull for the newbies

It involves creating a network that doesn't associate your XRumer links to the white hat site. Here's a illustration of what to do:

use XRumer

So send XRumer links to parasite hosts, sites that aren't yours (to cloud the trail...), to blogs like blogger and wordpress, and your black hat sites that you expect to lose anyway.

Link those to another level of sites that we'll call "grey hat" but they should be primarily white hat looking sites that just serve as link juice to the main white hat site.

Basically, use XRumer to give your existing links more juice, and don't link directly to your own sites.


Interview with the XRumer author

Have you ever heard about XRumer? Even if not, you face with it every day. It’s that industry-leading program which delivers spam messages to your forums and blogs. XRumer is a wonderful piece of software. Unfortunately, it fights on the dark side.

Anyway, it’s always interesting to learn more about people behind great software. Recently I found an interview with Aleksandr Ryanchenko (“botmaster”), the author of XRumer. Translation to English is below. Thanks Aleksandr Nikolayev (“square”) for interviewing!

Interview with Botmaster

I have recently interviewed a very interesting man, the team leader of XRumer developers - botmaster, Aleksandr Ryanchenko. I am very confident that this product is my best acquisition for the time of online experience :)

Here it is:

square: Of course readers would like to know a little bit about the developers team, understandably you cannot tell us a lot, but let’s try to get to know as much as we can about how you arrange work (in office, freelance workers or something else)? How many people you employ? What is their occupation?

botmaster: We employ two persons – office programmers, and the rest work remotely: technical support for foreign customers, a designer and two more programmers.

square: Do you take new people on your team? Or is the team complete?

botmaster: Of course we take new people, however, finding reliable and professional workers is getting more difficult.

square: Did XRumer project appear before/after the team or in the same time?

botmaster: The core team is I and my acquaintance, a programmer. We used to create some products together, most of which were not for sale, but for our own needs. We had even competed with each other trying to show who’s the best. :) When we started working on XRumer, I worked on one part of software modules and he created other modules, and I would determine technical specifications. As the software became more popular, I had to hire more people, because we couldn’t manage everything ourselves.

square: Why did you decide to create a submitter and who had this idea first?

botmaster: It was an experiment. It all started just a few years ago. When I offered other people to create such program, they would say that it is practically impossible, forums are too different and many of them have a security system. It was the understanding of sophistication that sparked the excitement. Particularly when you consider the fact that there were no such products at that time.

Initially the program was intended for our own needs (emailing by client orders, promotion of our own projects) and for about two years it was not for sale at all. The decision to make this piece of software available for sale was made when clients who ordered emails sending asked giving them the program itself. In practice it turned out that distribution of this program does not make it less efficient, because there are tens of millions of resources for internet posting, and there are many new resources coming.

By the way, the funny name for this program – XRumer was chosen practically by chance, when we did not even think about selling it. Later on, when sales started, it was too late to give it another name. :) Now I can say that to some extent it is a brand name.

square: How do you protect your program against hackers?

botmaster: We are doing it quite well. No one has ever fully hacked it since the release of version 4.0. Version 5.0 has an even better protection. On the other hand, distribution of obsolete, hacked versions of the program is a good advertisement for our product and eventually brings more sales.

square: That is perfect. Now let me ask you a few questions about another category of people who had something to do with XRumer. These are users! What is the approximate number of active users of this software and how many of them are using this piece of software professionally?

botmaster: Simultaneously there are 5 times fewer operated units it as compared to the number of sold units. Some people send emails once in two months, other use it even less often, and some people use it 24 hours a day and even buy additional accounts for installation on multiple computers. It is hard to say how many of them are using this software professionally, because we do no track how exactly people use it.

square: Is it too much trouble to support and teach users? How much time it takes?

botmaster: It takes a lot of time. Sometimes we have to work simultaneously with 20-30 customers. Now software development is slower because of time spent for customer support. It is a natural thing.

square: You have done a lot for automation of interaction with customers, why don’t you implement generation of activation keys without your immediate participation? You cannot be online 24 hours a day.

botmaster: Key generation is implemented in version 5, it is disabled in version 3.

square: In the latest software versions you have fulfilled a number of customer requests in the form of plug-ins, will that become a standard practice? Is it free of charge or not, how much would it cost?

botmaster: In fact about 90% of program innovations result from requests and proposals from customers. It is a standard practice for a long while. All program innovations are free.

square: Please describe in short the expected content of your new forum section – ‘Lessons’?

botmaster: It will contain detailed recommendations for newcomers on how to create correctly a mailing project, analyze program reports, advices to experienced users – teach program about new guest engines, forums, blogs, catalogs, correct utilization of scheduling and self-training systems, methods of guaranteed protection against abuse and so on.

square: Now let’s move on and talk about forum owners. Now most of forum owners know about your program and constantly experience its effect. Were there any threats to you? And how far would threateners go, would they initiate ddos-attacks?

botmaster: Threats come all the time. We politely offer them to delete their forum address from our database.

square: Is it possible to send you a letter and ask you to add a particular forum to black-list? Or, is it added only after an abuse occurs?

botmaster: Yes, that is possible.

square: And our last question, were there any conflicts with SE owners? What attitude do search engines have to you, were there any contacts between you and them?

botmaster: We did not have any conflicts and I hope we will never have! :)

square: If it’s not too much to ask, as a conclusion, what are your wishes to our readers, your current and future buyers?

botmaster: I wish you good luck in all your undertakings! In the future we will try to make you more happy with more frequent software updates, and new software products. Internet is changing rapidly, it is important to understand it and not only rely on proven methods but develop new ones.

square: Thank you very much for your answers, and wish you all the best.

See original article in http://www.seopedia.org/


XRumer 3 Gold Edition video presentation


Advanced options - Reporting

XRumer Advanced options


1. Detailed reports (Result: ...) - when you turn on this option, each link in the log file will be commented

2. Save to Z-base links, which requires activation - formed in the base when distribution ZLinksList id *. txt will be placed not only links to resources to which to send the message, but and those resources, which managed to register and the activation code was sent to the e-mail .

3. Make log of categories lists (CategoriesLog.txt) - this option will keep a log lists the sections in the forums (like those which managed to leave a message, and all the rest), the log file - Logs / CategoriesLog id *. txt

When you click the "Start"

When you start up from the very beginning of forums, it will most likely need to delete old records. If you include these options, the relevant records will be deleted automatically when a new post.

Button Restore restores the default values.


Advanced options - Anonymity

XRumer Advanced options

Special conditions of anonymity

1. Do not post without a proxy - enable this option if you want to have 100% assurance that your messages will be sent only using a proxy. Before switching on this option, enable the option "Use a proxy" in the "anonymity" of the main forms.

2. Allow to post without proxy to prior. categories - this option is set up to expedite deliveries, if your level of anonymity is not important: if XRumer will detect the current forum section, right on the priority list (which is defined in the project), then use a proxy for this Forum will be deactivated.


Advanced options - Interface

XRumer Advanced options


1. Autolaunch on exit - if enabled, if you accidentally close the program it will start again.

2. Visual Effects - on/off visual effects

3. Monitoring - if enabled, at the top of the monitor in one line will show current requests via the Internet.

4. Do not save options - if enabled, when you close the program all the changes can not be saved

5. Hide logo - hides image logo on top form. Especially true when you use remote servers, and VPS.

6. Hide threads monitoring table - hides the display of the flow in the distribution.
We recommend that you use to improve program performance and enhance the stability of the work on time deliveries.


Advanced options - Distribution

XRumer Advanced options                  


1. Registering only (without posting) - if enabled, the program will only register in all forums without sending messages.

2. Mandatory registration with posting - a program to create a message will register at the forum in any case, even if you can leave a message without registering.

Use this function only if you you plan to use in future large-scale post-editing, because the program is forced to face a lot of protection, and as a result % successful placement of ads below.

3. Posting on behalf of a previously registered user - This option allows for more effective and subtle promotions. In this mode, the program will send the name of the user who was registered on the forums previously.

- Project should be with the same nickname and password. In the posting process the program will not register again, but will use login (username).
- mode "Registering only", "Mandatory registration with posting","Posting on behalf of a previously registered user" are intended solely for use with forums. When you post on the guest books, blogs, etc., these regimes may not work correctly - it is desirable to turn off, if enabled.

4. Aggressive mode - aggressive posting mode on forums, no one topic is created but immediately in all sections of the forum (if possible). This feature works only on certain versions of forums (phpBB, VBulletin, YaBB, IconBoard, IPB) and only in LinksList.

5. Auto resumption - if enabled, when you start the program will automatically start working on the basis of current position.

6. Enable check active link after you submit - the option of testing whether the link after posting, do not forget that it makes sense to include this option only if the send text links (in the correct format - with http://); moreover, should not include this option in a "rapid distribution" and with dispatch on the basis of ZLinksList.

IMPORTANT: If there were no links in the correct format (http:// ...) and in the field of "Home page" and the "text message" and the "Signature", then this option within the program automatically resets to 0.

7. "Edit the profile after you register" - if you activate this option, the program after the registration of your account will edit the additional fields that were not available when registering: "Home", "Signature" and the other (data fields are not available at the registration in forums such as IPB and VBulletin , so for them it is very important to enable this option - the likelihood of placing links to be considerably higher).

8. Upload avatars when editing a profile - if this option is enabled, the program will select the avatar (picture) randomly from the subfolders "img \ Avatars \", and upload when editing profile.

9. Enter a current account if the username is busy - if this option is enabled, then when you try to register, if the program receives an error "this username / e-mail is already busy, will be an attempt to logon with username and password, which are prescribed in the project (ie f. program will assume that it was previously registered on this site)

10. If BB-code is off (on the current resource)convert it to HTML - if enabled this option and send the text of a BB-code (for example, links are designed as a [url = http://link] link_tekst [/ url]), then the resources in which BB-code not processed (guest books, message boards, etc.), everything will be automatically converted in HTML:
[url = link] link_tekst [/ url] - in link_tekst
[b ]...[/ b] - to ...
and so on.

11. Enable traffic saving algorithm - includes T.S.A. In this mode ZLinksList base will be formed with the addition of a special meta-information, which subsequently will lead to a tremendous speed up the posting.

12. Enable refspam - if the option is a first request to the link from the database will be placed indicating the Referer = home page of your project.

13. Only refspam without posting - the program will make a request to a page from the database and all links are hyperlinked in that page, showing the Referer = home page of your project.


XRumer 5.05 Palladium: Overview of changes and improvements

A few days ago there was uploaded new update of XRumer: Version 5.05 Palladium

Overview of changes and improvements:

XRumer 5.05 Palladium

+ Program is trained to recognize the new graphics protections: Bitrix (registration), the protection of "do not enter red letters", Xaraya, and 2 other engines without a title
+ Also trained registration / comment on these types of engines
+ Fixed autoregistration at Gmail.com
+ Program additionally trained more than 100 new types of text captcha
+ Fixed processing engine SMF (Simple Machines Forum)
+ Corrected the error of the regime ManualDecaptcha
+ Improved work with board type http://abc.tj/board_lux/board/add.php (program trained this board)
+ In debug-mode added record FormFields, in which the program is accountable for completing the fields
+ Made amendments to generator synonyms the Russian words
+ Corrected gross errors in the logic processing forums, in particular VBulletin
+ Improved check for active links
+ Fixed bug with opening the file xas_AI.txt
+ Fixed a bug in the system when you install/withdrawing task
+ Improved processing base RLinksList (mode "question and answer")
+ Improved distribution of PM(Private Message) in English forums
+ Program trained posting to Livejournal by anonymous (ManualDecaptcha = 1)
+ Corrected the error of generator synonyms
+ Added to the database of synonyms Russian words (more than 13 thousand)
+ Fixed bug in encoding redirect

The System of Antispam improved.

The accompanying database will be updated within 2 weeks.

40 - eng. base forums, cat. break only when the manual input captcha (ManualDecaptcha = 1)
41 - the same, but the ru-base


XRumer 5.0 palladium: Key Benefits

XRumer 5.0 is created for more successfully spam forums and to be editing created profiles.

XRumer is trained to break through the protection (CAPTCHA, text captcha and many other antispam protections) last versions most popular forums in the network: VBulletin, IPB, phpBB 3.
Also it may break through protection many other less common web engines (blogs, guestbooks, wiki, web boards etc.)

Visual comparison:

Result: chosen nickname "Nirehouro";profile edited;logged in;success - posted to "SUGGESTIONS FORUM";
The forum "vBulletin" a last version, this engine is very popular in the web. CAPTCHA which is used on it - stands the minimum to 30% of VBulletin last version.

XRumer 5.0 recognizes CAPTCHA

Result: chosen nickname "Funcnepenreve";captcha recognized;registered (100%);profile edited;logged in;success - posted to "Флейм";
Forum IPB (Invision Power Board) latest version, the attendance    
More than a thousand simultaneous users. CAPTCHA, which forum is used - is installed virtually on all the latest IPB engines

XRumer 5.0 recognizes CAPTCHA

Result: chosen nickname "abranyexhinia";captcha recognized;success - posted to "FightWiki.com";
Forum phpBB latest version, attendance more than a 700 users online. CAPTCHA, which forum is used - is installed on all the standard phpBB 3

XRumer 5.0 recognizes CAPTCHA

Now we are working on recognizing ReCaptcha and DLE-CAPTCHA, which are also used to Resource with high PageRank(ReCaptcha this is universal Captcha, and is increasingly being used for very different resources, including postal,blogs, etc.)


The system of "Antispam"- correct spam

"Antispam" - about system

To all, who prefers THE CLEVER, THOUGHT-OUT distribution - which in the final analysis gives maximum effect, the creators of XRumer Palladium present the new unique system, which is inculcated in XRumer of the 5th version.

It is intended, in essence, for "white" and "gray" Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Since XRumer 5.0 will recognize the protection of the last versions of the most popular forums - this system is most urgent.

I will describe in the form question - answer.

Why this is necessary generally?

  1. So that your posts 100% assuredly would remain even on the strictly moderated forums themselves, bringing the maximum of the traffic.
  2. So there would be no need to use the HTTP-proxy and SOCKS, which can reduce the impact of spam in a few times and reduce the speed of spam
  3. So that there would be no danger to lose the untwisted site because of the complaints on to spam
Wow! It`s nice. And how does it work?

Program creates posts on the forums, without differing from their thematics. If forum is dedicated to games - program will write about CS and Fallout (for example), if on the forum they associate about the construction of nuclear reactor - it will write anything about the nuclear reactor. This makes it possible to make the commentaries maximally of tenacious..

How the program will know what to write?

  1. Collection and analysis data from the forums in the base. Naturally, bases are here necessary specially prepared (this all we ensure)
  2. Register and activates the user on all of these forums
  3. Gradually is collected post by these users in the regime of "from previously registered user" as follows:
  • go to random/priority division of the forum 
  • select any topiс in forum 
  • search in our base any SIMILAR topiс from any ANOTHER forum
  • search in that topiс a maximally relevant post (on the contents)
  • send this post into selected topiс
  • if we relevant post not found, then XRumer writes the phrase, which can be answer practically in any of topiс (such phrases in the program - several thousand, in several languages) 
When the registered users is collected the specific number of posts (on default=5), can add your links to posts, and also prescribe links in the profile. (As is known, on the very-very popular forums of links it is possible to place only after the collection of the specific number of posts)

You can continue process on infinitely. Increase unlimited traffic, and increase the number of a good natural backlinks. Simply stated XRumer - acts itself as usual person, talk on the forums and gradually collecting posts under one and the same account. The possibility to edit profile and to upload avatar was also created for the system of "Antispam"


About XRumer 5.0 Palladium

XRumer 5 Palladium

XRumer is a software application that automatically posts your messages to forums, guestbooks, bulletin boards and catalogs of the links (as well as into livejournals and wiki). In a word it is an autosubmitter. Currently available version is XRumer 5.05

Below are listed main specification and features of XRumer

  • Multithreaded submitting: over 50 simultaneously running threads possible! (30 threads are recommended for optimal performance under 128 Kbps bandwidth)

  • Software can perform registration at forums (if necessary for posting messages) and automatically fill in the required fields. Upon successful registration XRumer posts the user-specified message and/or links.

  • The powerful built-in proxy-server checking script locates available proxy-servers worldwide, choosing anonymous addresses among them.

  • Software is able to work with lots of different types of forums and guestbooks: phpBB and PHP-Nuke with any modifications, yaBB, VBulletin, Invision Power Board, IconBoard, UltimateBB, exBB, phorum.org, wiki, different types of bulletin boards and even custom-written code.

  • Attention: unique feature – software works around EVERY possible type of protection from automatic registration, including:
    - Pictocode protection (tickets, captcha), which look something like: "Enter the number you see in the
    - E-mail activation protection.
    - Java-script protection.

  • During the process of posting a detailed log is created with precise path-links to posted messages so that you can check every link and every posted message afterwards.

  • A built-in proprietary "Question-answer" system.

  • A variations system, using which you can post up to 10000 messages all looking different but with similar contextual meaning and the user-defined hyperlinks in them. It helps to broaden the key queries (for Search Engine optimization) and protect your posts from being filtered out by Search Engines (that is, your posts will be included in SERPs).

  • If the forum has more than one category, the software chooses the one most suitable for the message, otherwise it sends the message to off-top, flame sections or the like, and in case those do not exist - to the most visited category on the forum.

  • BB-code can be used.

  • The following forum base processing tools are included: repeated links deletion, hit descending sort, service denial according to customizable black list, and various filters. The program informs the users about availability of new versions and possesses many other powerful features.

    The system is fully user-independent and requires minimum skills to handle: you only need to choose the proper links database, create a message text with one or several hyperlinks and hit the 'Start' button. THAT IS ALL.

    XRumer software package includes the Hrefer program and databases with links to more than 102.000 forums.

    Minimum required system specifications:

    Windows 98 / 2000 / 2003 / XP / Vista, 1GHz or faster processor, 256Mb RAM.

    Price: $ 540