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Interview with the XRumer author

Have you ever heard about XRumer? Even if not, you face with it every day. It’s that industry-leading program which delivers spam messages to your forums and blogs. XRumer is a wonderful piece of software. Unfortunately, it fights on the dark side.

Anyway, it’s always interesting to learn more about people behind great software. Recently I found an interview with Aleksandr Ryanchenko (“botmaster”), the author of XRumer. Translation to English is below. Thanks Aleksandr Nikolayev (“square”) for interviewing!

Interview with Botmaster

I have recently interviewed a very interesting man, the team leader of XRumer developers - botmaster, Aleksandr Ryanchenko. I am very confident that this product is my best acquisition for the time of online experience :)

Here it is:

square: Of course readers would like to know a little bit about the developers team, understandably you cannot tell us a lot, but let’s try to get to know as much as we can about how you arrange work (in office, freelance workers or something else)? How many people you employ? What is their occupation?

botmaster: We employ two persons – office programmers, and the rest work remotely: technical support for foreign customers, a designer and two more programmers.

square: Do you take new people on your team? Or is the team complete?

botmaster: Of course we take new people, however, finding reliable and professional workers is getting more difficult.

square: Did XRumer project appear before/after the team or in the same time?

botmaster: The core team is I and my acquaintance, a programmer. We used to create some products together, most of which were not for sale, but for our own needs. We had even competed with each other trying to show who’s the best. :) When we started working on XRumer, I worked on one part of software modules and he created other modules, and I would determine technical specifications. As the software became more popular, I had to hire more people, because we couldn’t manage everything ourselves.

square: Why did you decide to create a submitter and who had this idea first?

botmaster: It was an experiment. It all started just a few years ago. When I offered other people to create such program, they would say that it is practically impossible, forums are too different and many of them have a security system. It was the understanding of sophistication that sparked the excitement. Particularly when you consider the fact that there were no such products at that time.

Initially the program was intended for our own needs (emailing by client orders, promotion of our own projects) and for about two years it was not for sale at all. The decision to make this piece of software available for sale was made when clients who ordered emails sending asked giving them the program itself. In practice it turned out that distribution of this program does not make it less efficient, because there are tens of millions of resources for internet posting, and there are many new resources coming.

By the way, the funny name for this program – XRumer was chosen practically by chance, when we did not even think about selling it. Later on, when sales started, it was too late to give it another name. :) Now I can say that to some extent it is a brand name.

square: How do you protect your program against hackers?

botmaster: We are doing it quite well. No one has ever fully hacked it since the release of version 4.0. Version 5.0 has an even better protection. On the other hand, distribution of obsolete, hacked versions of the program is a good advertisement for our product and eventually brings more sales.

square: That is perfect. Now let me ask you a few questions about another category of people who had something to do with XRumer. These are users! What is the approximate number of active users of this software and how many of them are using this piece of software professionally?

botmaster: Simultaneously there are 5 times fewer operated units it as compared to the number of sold units. Some people send emails once in two months, other use it even less often, and some people use it 24 hours a day and even buy additional accounts for installation on multiple computers. It is hard to say how many of them are using this software professionally, because we do no track how exactly people use it.

square: Is it too much trouble to support and teach users? How much time it takes?

botmaster: It takes a lot of time. Sometimes we have to work simultaneously with 20-30 customers. Now software development is slower because of time spent for customer support. It is a natural thing.

square: You have done a lot for automation of interaction with customers, why don’t you implement generation of activation keys without your immediate participation? You cannot be online 24 hours a day.

botmaster: Key generation is implemented in version 5, it is disabled in version 3.

square: In the latest software versions you have fulfilled a number of customer requests in the form of plug-ins, will that become a standard practice? Is it free of charge or not, how much would it cost?

botmaster: In fact about 90% of program innovations result from requests and proposals from customers. It is a standard practice for a long while. All program innovations are free.

square: Please describe in short the expected content of your new forum section – ‘Lessons’?

botmaster: It will contain detailed recommendations for newcomers on how to create correctly a mailing project, analyze program reports, advices to experienced users – teach program about new guest engines, forums, blogs, catalogs, correct utilization of scheduling and self-training systems, methods of guaranteed protection against abuse and so on.

square: Now let’s move on and talk about forum owners. Now most of forum owners know about your program and constantly experience its effect. Were there any threats to you? And how far would threateners go, would they initiate ddos-attacks?

botmaster: Threats come all the time. We politely offer them to delete their forum address from our database.

square: Is it possible to send you a letter and ask you to add a particular forum to black-list? Or, is it added only after an abuse occurs?

botmaster: Yes, that is possible.

square: And our last question, were there any conflicts with SE owners? What attitude do search engines have to you, were there any contacts between you and them?

botmaster: We did not have any conflicts and I hope we will never have! :)

square: If it’s not too much to ask, as a conclusion, what are your wishes to our readers, your current and future buyers?

botmaster: I wish you good luck in all your undertakings! In the future we will try to make you more happy with more frequent software updates, and new software products. Internet is changing rapidly, it is important to understand it and not only rely on proven methods but develop new ones.

square: Thank you very much for your answers, and wish you all the best.

See original article in http://www.seopedia.org/


XRumer 3 Gold Edition video presentation


Advanced options - Reporting

XRumer Advanced options


1. Detailed reports (Result: ...) - when you turn on this option, each link in the log file will be commented

2. Save to Z-base links, which requires activation - formed in the base when distribution ZLinksList id *. txt will be placed not only links to resources to which to send the message, but and those resources, which managed to register and the activation code was sent to the e-mail .

3. Make log of categories lists (CategoriesLog.txt) - this option will keep a log lists the sections in the forums (like those which managed to leave a message, and all the rest), the log file - Logs / CategoriesLog id *. txt

When you click the "Start"

When you start up from the very beginning of forums, it will most likely need to delete old records. If you include these options, the relevant records will be deleted automatically when a new post.

Button Restore restores the default values.


Advanced options - Anonymity

XRumer Advanced options

Special conditions of anonymity

1. Do not post without a proxy - enable this option if you want to have 100% assurance that your messages will be sent only using a proxy. Before switching on this option, enable the option "Use a proxy" in the "anonymity" of the main forms.

2. Allow to post without proxy to prior. categories - this option is set up to expedite deliveries, if your level of anonymity is not important: if XRumer will detect the current forum section, right on the priority list (which is defined in the project), then use a proxy for this Forum will be deactivated.


Advanced options - Interface

XRumer Advanced options


1. Autolaunch on exit - if enabled, if you accidentally close the program it will start again.

2. Visual Effects - on/off visual effects

3. Monitoring - if enabled, at the top of the monitor in one line will show current requests via the Internet.

4. Do not save options - if enabled, when you close the program all the changes can not be saved

5. Hide logo - hides image logo on top form. Especially true when you use remote servers, and VPS.

6. Hide threads monitoring table - hides the display of the flow in the distribution.
We recommend that you use to improve program performance and enhance the stability of the work on time deliveries.


Advanced options - Distribution

XRumer Advanced options                  


1. Registering only (without posting) - if enabled, the program will only register in all forums without sending messages.

2. Mandatory registration with posting - a program to create a message will register at the forum in any case, even if you can leave a message without registering.

Use this function only if you you plan to use in future large-scale post-editing, because the program is forced to face a lot of protection, and as a result % successful placement of ads below.

3. Posting on behalf of a previously registered user - This option allows for more effective and subtle promotions. In this mode, the program will send the name of the user who was registered on the forums previously.

- Project should be with the same nickname and password. In the posting process the program will not register again, but will use login (username).
- mode "Registering only", "Mandatory registration with posting","Posting on behalf of a previously registered user" are intended solely for use with forums. When you post on the guest books, blogs, etc., these regimes may not work correctly - it is desirable to turn off, if enabled.

4. Aggressive mode - aggressive posting mode on forums, no one topic is created but immediately in all sections of the forum (if possible). This feature works only on certain versions of forums (phpBB, VBulletin, YaBB, IconBoard, IPB) and only in LinksList.

5. Auto resumption - if enabled, when you start the program will automatically start working on the basis of current position.

6. Enable check active link after you submit - the option of testing whether the link after posting, do not forget that it makes sense to include this option only if the send text links (in the correct format - with http://); moreover, should not include this option in a "rapid distribution" and with dispatch on the basis of ZLinksList.

IMPORTANT: If there were no links in the correct format (http:// ...) and in the field of "Home page" and the "text message" and the "Signature", then this option within the program automatically resets to 0.

7. "Edit the profile after you register" - if you activate this option, the program after the registration of your account will edit the additional fields that were not available when registering: "Home", "Signature" and the other (data fields are not available at the registration in forums such as IPB and VBulletin , so for them it is very important to enable this option - the likelihood of placing links to be considerably higher).

8. Upload avatars when editing a profile - if this option is enabled, the program will select the avatar (picture) randomly from the subfolders "img \ Avatars \", and upload when editing profile.

9. Enter a current account if the username is busy - if this option is enabled, then when you try to register, if the program receives an error "this username / e-mail is already busy, will be an attempt to logon with username and password, which are prescribed in the project (ie f. program will assume that it was previously registered on this site)

10. If BB-code is off (on the current resource)convert it to HTML - if enabled this option and send the text of a BB-code (for example, links are designed as a [url = http://link] link_tekst [/ url]), then the resources in which BB-code not processed (guest books, message boards, etc.), everything will be automatically converted in HTML:
[url = link] link_tekst [/ url] - in link_tekst
[b ]...[/ b] - to ...
and so on.

11. Enable traffic saving algorithm - includes T.S.A. In this mode ZLinksList base will be formed with the addition of a special meta-information, which subsequently will lead to a tremendous speed up the posting.

12. Enable refspam - if the option is a first request to the link from the database will be placed indicating the Referer = home page of your project.

13. Only refspam without posting - the program will make a request to a page from the database and all links are hyperlinked in that page, showing the Referer = home page of your project.


XRumer 5.05 Palladium: Overview of changes and improvements

A few days ago there was uploaded new update of XRumer: Version 5.05 Palladium

Overview of changes and improvements:

XRumer 5.05 Palladium

+ Program is trained to recognize the new graphics protections: Bitrix (registration), the protection of "do not enter red letters", Xaraya, and 2 other engines without a title
+ Also trained registration / comment on these types of engines
+ Fixed autoregistration at Gmail.com
+ Program additionally trained more than 100 new types of text captcha
+ Fixed processing engine SMF (Simple Machines Forum)
+ Corrected the error of the regime ManualDecaptcha
+ Improved work with board type http://abc.tj/board_lux/board/add.php (program trained this board)
+ In debug-mode added record FormFields, in which the program is accountable for completing the fields
+ Made amendments to generator synonyms the Russian words
+ Corrected gross errors in the logic processing forums, in particular VBulletin
+ Improved check for active links
+ Fixed bug with opening the file xas_AI.txt
+ Fixed a bug in the system when you install/withdrawing task
+ Improved processing base RLinksList (mode "question and answer")
+ Improved distribution of PM(Private Message) in English forums
+ Program trained posting to Livejournal by anonymous (ManualDecaptcha = 1)
+ Corrected the error of generator synonyms
+ Added to the database of synonyms Russian words (more than 13 thousand)
+ Fixed bug in encoding redirect

The System of Antispam improved.

The accompanying database will be updated within 2 weeks.

40 - eng. base forums, cat. break only when the manual input captcha (ManualDecaptcha = 1)
41 - the same, but the ru-base


XRumer 5.0 palladium: Key Benefits

XRumer 5.0 is created for more successfully spam forums and to be editing created profiles.

XRumer is trained to break through the protection (CAPTCHA, text captcha and many other antispam protections) last versions most popular forums in the network: VBulletin, IPB, phpBB 3.
Also it may break through protection many other less common web engines (blogs, guestbooks, wiki, web boards etc.)

Visual comparison:

Result: chosen nickname "Nirehouro";profile edited;logged in;success - posted to "SUGGESTIONS FORUM";
The forum "vBulletin" a last version, this engine is very popular in the web. CAPTCHA which is used on it - stands the minimum to 30% of VBulletin last version.

XRumer 5.0 recognizes CAPTCHA

Result: chosen nickname "Funcnepenreve";captcha recognized;registered (100%);profile edited;logged in;success - posted to "Флейм";
Forum IPB (Invision Power Board) latest version, the attendance    
More than a thousand simultaneous users. CAPTCHA, which forum is used - is installed virtually on all the latest IPB engines

XRumer 5.0 recognizes CAPTCHA

Result: chosen nickname "abranyexhinia";captcha recognized;success - posted to "FightWiki.com";
Forum phpBB latest version, attendance more than a 700 users online. CAPTCHA, which forum is used - is installed on all the standard phpBB 3

XRumer 5.0 recognizes CAPTCHA

Now we are working on recognizing ReCaptcha and DLE-CAPTCHA, which are also used to Resource with high PageRank(ReCaptcha this is universal Captcha, and is increasingly being used for very different resources, including postal,blogs, etc.)


The system of "Antispam"- correct spam

"Antispam" - about system

To all, who prefers THE CLEVER, THOUGHT-OUT distribution - which in the final analysis gives maximum effect, the creators of XRumer Palladium present the new unique system, which is inculcated in XRumer of the 5th version.

It is intended, in essence, for "white" and "gray" Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Since XRumer 5.0 will recognize the protection of the last versions of the most popular forums - this system is most urgent.

I will describe in the form question - answer.

Why this is necessary generally?

  1. So that your posts 100% assuredly would remain even on the strictly moderated forums themselves, bringing the maximum of the traffic.
  2. So there would be no need to use the HTTP-proxy and SOCKS, which can reduce the impact of spam in a few times and reduce the speed of spam
  3. So that there would be no danger to lose the untwisted site because of the complaints on to spam
Wow! It`s nice. And how does it work?

Program creates posts on the forums, without differing from their thematics. If forum is dedicated to games - program will write about CS and Fallout (for example), if on the forum they associate about the construction of nuclear reactor - it will write anything about the nuclear reactor. This makes it possible to make the commentaries maximally of tenacious..

How the program will know what to write?

  1. Collection and analysis data from the forums in the base. Naturally, bases are here necessary specially prepared (this all we ensure)
  2. Register and activates the user on all of these forums
  3. Gradually is collected post by these users in the regime of "from previously registered user" as follows:
  • go to random/priority division of the forum 
  • select any topiс in forum 
  • search in our base any SIMILAR topiс from any ANOTHER forum
  • search in that topiс a maximally relevant post (on the contents)
  • send this post into selected topiс
  • if we relevant post not found, then XRumer writes the phrase, which can be answer practically in any of topiс (such phrases in the program - several thousand, in several languages) 
When the registered users is collected the specific number of posts (on default=5), can add your links to posts, and also prescribe links in the profile. (As is known, on the very-very popular forums of links it is possible to place only after the collection of the specific number of posts)

You can continue process on infinitely. Increase unlimited traffic, and increase the number of a good natural backlinks. Simply stated XRumer - acts itself as usual person, talk on the forums and gradually collecting posts under one and the same account. The possibility to edit profile and to upload avatar was also created for the system of "Antispam"


About XRumer 5.0 Palladium

XRumer 5 Palladium

XRumer is a software application that automatically posts your messages to forums, guestbooks, bulletin boards and catalogs of the links (as well as into livejournals and wiki). In a word it is an autosubmitter. Currently available version is XRumer 5.05

Below are listed main specification and features of XRumer

  • Multithreaded submitting: over 50 simultaneously running threads possible! (30 threads are recommended for optimal performance under 128 Kbps bandwidth)

  • Software can perform registration at forums (if necessary for posting messages) and automatically fill in the required fields. Upon successful registration XRumer posts the user-specified message and/or links.

  • The powerful built-in proxy-server checking script locates available proxy-servers worldwide, choosing anonymous addresses among them.

  • Software is able to work with lots of different types of forums and guestbooks: phpBB and PHP-Nuke with any modifications, yaBB, VBulletin, Invision Power Board, IconBoard, UltimateBB, exBB, phorum.org, wiki, different types of bulletin boards and even custom-written code.

  • Attention: unique feature – software works around EVERY possible type of protection from automatic registration, including:
    - Pictocode protection (tickets, captcha), which look something like: "Enter the number you see in the
    - E-mail activation protection.
    - Java-script protection.

  • During the process of posting a detailed log is created with precise path-links to posted messages so that you can check every link and every posted message afterwards.

  • A built-in proprietary "Question-answer" system.

  • A variations system, using which you can post up to 10000 messages all looking different but with similar contextual meaning and the user-defined hyperlinks in them. It helps to broaden the key queries (for Search Engine optimization) and protect your posts from being filtered out by Search Engines (that is, your posts will be included in SERPs).

  • If the forum has more than one category, the software chooses the one most suitable for the message, otherwise it sends the message to off-top, flame sections or the like, and in case those do not exist - to the most visited category on the forum.

  • BB-code can be used.

  • The following forum base processing tools are included: repeated links deletion, hit descending sort, service denial according to customizable black list, and various filters. The program informs the users about availability of new versions and possesses many other powerful features.

    The system is fully user-independent and requires minimum skills to handle: you only need to choose the proper links database, create a message text with one or several hyperlinks and hit the 'Start' button. THAT IS ALL.

    XRumer software package includes the Hrefer program and databases with links to more than 102.000 forums.

    Minimum required system specifications:

    Windows 98 / 2000 / 2003 / XP / Vista, 1GHz or faster processor, 256Mb RAM.

    Price: $ 540

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