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XRumer 5.09 Palladium

XRumer 5.09 PalladiumToday uploaded new updated:
XRumer 5.09 Palladium

Due to delays update to all customers for free prolonged abony. fee for 1 month.

This month is scheduled another update. Work continues on improving the system "Antispam".

XRumer 5.09

+ Program trained to recognize the 5 types of new graphic CAPTCHA
+ Program with an additional 400 trained bypass text CAPTCHA
+ Completely renovated attached base: volume increased by more than 50%
+ Increased Piercing php-Nuke
+ Updated autoregistration mailboxes at mail.ru, gmail.com
+ Increased the stability of the program
+ Fixed auto-proxy / SOCKS server through Botmaster
+ Fixed a critical error in the algorithm for downloading messages and links activation
+ Service, along with anti-captcha.com, connected service captchabot.com
+ Now xurl.txt can use regular expressions
+ If unsuccessful autoregistration mailboxes now stored record to determine the causes
+ Corrected the logic of parsing content
+ Added a number of warnings for the protection of the fool "
+ Improved handling redirects
+ Improved handling of forums on the engine SMF
+ In debug (Debug) mode added logging to file CategoriesSort id*.txt - the log sort sections
Forum in accordance with the list of priority sections of
+ Is not necessary to prescribe the line in your hosts for the correct activation of XRumer
+ Added the ability to use regular expressions in xurl.txt
+ Implemented control syntax for the file xurl.txt
+ Help file is updated
The new base can download individual.