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XRumer 7.09 Elite

XRumer 7.09 Elite

ATTENTION! At updating XRumer to new version do not forget to install in new folder. And before starting new version copy key.lic file from previous install of XRumer 7. This is very important!

XRumer is trained to new types of graphical CAPTCHAs:

XRumer 7.09 Elite

After checking on server was added more than 5000 new textual captcha, received from users.

BONUS!! In Links folder can be found a database LinksList id100.txt, with 20 k links. The database is checked (success rate with “registration only” mode is about 70-80%). It contains only forum, may help if you are working with profiles.

• New template to activation links was added Xpop.txt was added.
• Significantly was supplemented textcaptcha_forbidden.txt (special thanks to Bint for assistance)
• The file \FieldsForAI\Ignore_tc.txt was added. This file contains a list of fields name that are not related to textual captcha.
• in "Antispam" system was improved collection of topics from VBulletin engine version 4.0 or higher (where links are processed through Mod Rewrite)
• Reporting in Antispam system was improved.
• Collecting of topics for Antispam system was increased, through training to templates of Mod Rewrite links ( it supports latest versions of Vbulletin, same as IPB, phpBB, vBSEO module)
• In xurl.txt was added new templates to determine links to sections and topics of forums, which also increases the success rate on reply to existing topics mode, and improves the choice of section according to priority list of projects.
• Refilled the file xpostmask.ini
• Editing of posts on LiveJournal was fixed.
• Processing of Java-scripts on non-standard forms was improved.
• Bug with sending to Anticaptcha the images with size more than 30 Kb was fixed.
• Increase success rate of posting to DLE engine.
• A serious bug at processing the POST-queries was fixed. This bug was significantly decreasing the success rate of posting on IP.Board (latest version) and some other engines.
• Registration was improved on LiveStreet engine
• XRumer was touched new engines. Now it’s possible to register on phpdug and on forums with footprint inurl:"/join.php", to post comments on blogs with footprints /article/number_of_post.aspx and to work with catalogues Annuaire.
• Processing of non-standard version of phpBB was improved.
• The bug with not fully loading of Log.txt file in Sefl-Learning system was fixed. As result pre-caching process can take more time but resulting information will be more fully.
• Improved filtering of fields that are not related to textual captcha.
• Mass-PM on IP.Board was improved.
• Success rate of posting on Vbulletin version 4.1.* was increased.
• Translate of text field were improved in Self-Learning system.
• Bug with slowing down at adding a reply to textual captcha was fixed.
• Added new rules for new version IP.Board in MakeToIndex.ini file
• percent of appearing of error “unknown problem” has decreased
• added fuzzy rule for recognition of arithmetic captcha on Pligg engine
• Processing of MyBB engine was improved. Percent of saved profiles was increased.
• Running “Check for proxies” button from XRumer interface was corrected.
• Processing of Cookies was improved.
• Success rate of posting has increased on blogs WordPress, which are using “NotCaptcha” protection.
• Gmail registration was updated.
• Transfer of external Cookies at Re-Captcha queries was turned off. отключена передача посторонних Cookies при запросе РеКапчи
• Progress-bar from threads tab was corrected.
• It’s possible automatically to use proxies for threads if at clicking on registration link appeared flag BANNED
• added features to enable / change proxy, if a message was received that the IP on current resource was found via StopForumSpam
• improved detection of captcha kcaptcha
• Bug with multiple messages “using proxy” in threads tab was fixed.
• ReCaptcha entering on forms like "multipart/form-data" was fixed.
• XRumer is teach to post on Pligg


XRumer 7.08 Elite

Today was uploaded new version -

XRumer 7.08 Elite


After installation, before starting XRumer copy from main folder of old XRumer 7.07 XRumer key.lic file to folder of new XRumer 7.08 Elite!

+XRumer is trained to more than 10 new types of graphical CAPTCHAs:

XRumer 7.08 Elite

+ Due to new system of collective learning textual captcha, XRumer was trained more than 15,000 new textual captcha. This is 4 times more than was trained previous version XRumer 7.07 Elite! (new textual captcha are uploading into memory in background from our server. Statistics can be find by clicking on "Events log")
+ Email registration on Mail.ru and Gmail.com service was restored.
+ Significantly was improved processing of multiple engines:

• YaBB (included a new database of YaBB forums - LinksList id500.txt)
• PunBB (LinksList id600.txt)
• zenPHOTO
• Phoca Guestbook
• LifeType
• *.forums-free.com
• *.monforum.com
• *.forumcity.com

+Internal logic txt files are stored in folder LogicFiles\Default\ - so if you transfer xas_AI.txt and other such files (Logic files are: x_apply.txt, x_fields.txt, x_user_agent.txt, xas.txt, xas_AI.txt, xas_near.txt, xcheck.txt, xcheck_adv.txt, xignoreforms.txt, xmaxlen.txt, xmessages.txt, xpop.txt, xprior.txt and xurl.txt), you need to transfer them exactly there! In future, it will allow to choose the current mod through interface of XRumer, and also to create copy-protected mods (bind to accounts)
+Starting with version XRumer 7.08, as a separator for imprecise rules in textual captcha is used "|" (vertical bar) and not ";"

+ % of saved profile on Burning Board is increased
+ improved activation of links from emails sent by the engine MyBB (or similar engines)
+ added support for BB-code for the engine Remark.asp?RemarkType=article&RemarkID=
+ by adding a nickname in the project, the "real name" is added now with a small difference, because on some engines require that the real name must differ from the nick
+ Success rate of processing of forums YaBB was increased. Should be taken into consideration the specifics of this engine - on such forums are often very limited by maximal size of message and header. Also the name must be different from nickname.
+ server’s addresses from proxy and socks update was changed, since old addresses became Public
+ implemented correct processing of forms method=GET
+ implemented bypassing of such protection as"400 Bad Behavior"
+ greatly amplified the templates of email activation in xpop.txt
+ implemented the functional of buttons "Next Link" and "Previous link" in Self-learning tool
+ using Mass-PM mode through engines YaBB and PunBB was implemented.
+ editing of profiles on PunBB was improved
+ mechanism of editing of profiles was improved: if after logging the link to profile editing was not found, then the program tries to find the opportunity from link to view the profile.
+ "Unable to confirm security token" error on engines PunBB was fixed
+ Macros #trans..#notrans was corrected. The bug of incorrectly transmitted codes of line break was fixed.
+ made improvements to the logic of editing of profiles and signatures. Should be noted that usage of "upload avatar» option can negatively affect editing of signature. If upload of avatar was denied for whatever reason, than signature can be not edit too (for example, it happens to SMF forums)
+ Registration on Clan.Su was corrected
+ XRumer trained to new captcha Amiro CMS, which is used at registration. (footprint: inurl:"members?action=add" intext:"Amiro CMS")
+ Improved recognition of captcha zenPhoto (added new types)
+ MakeToIndex.ini was added rules for PunBB
+ mechanism of co-variation for macros # file_links was added, by analogy with co-variations: with the same identifier (# file_links_identifier[...]) are chosen same lines - this can be useful, in order to match content of topics with their headers; Example - #file_links_A[C:\Temp\File1.txt,1,N] and #file_links_A[C:\Temp\File2.txt,1,N] - number of lines chosen from file File1.txt, same lines will be choose from File2.txt. It can be used in any field of project. Do not forget click on "Test" button to be sure that macros are triggered correctly before to save the project.
+ XRumer is trained to new engine Phoca Guestbook and decode of captcha on this engine (footprint: "Powered by Phoca Guestbook")
+ To not use the incorrect rules created by users, in mechanism of recognition of textual captcha was added a file textcaptcha_forbidden.txt, containing filter - wrong rules, which should be ignored.
+ Downloading of new text captcha from server was implemented (textcaptcha). Downloading of new textual captcha in made at startup of program in background. Statistics of total number of rules downloaded can be found in "Event Log -> View", see the line "Text captcha downloaded: ..."
+ adjusted the work of tool "Filter by domain zone"
+ further, the accuracy of fulfilling the fields, where the date of birth must be specified, was increased
+ the mechanism of auto selecting the point in fields <select> was improved
+ sending the header "Proxy-Connection: Keep-Alive" was adjusted to be possible to bypass security of such engines as LifeType
+ processing of forms “Press Agree to these terms” on engines PhpBB was adjusted. Sometimes, on some forums of PhpBB processing were made incorrectly.
+ XRumer was trained to bypass such Java-protection, as "jsv_post" (used in forums *. forumcity.com and some others)
+ processing of textual CAPTCHAs on forums like *. forums-free.com was adjusted
+ Success rate of registering on forums like *.monforum.com was increased.
+ significant improvements was introduced in training of textual captcha tool: update of page now is possible through the button "F5", fixes many errors, improved definition of text in front of field, and much more
+ “Divizion by zero” in new process bar was fixed.
+ Overall logic of recognition of textual captcha was improved, including calculation of arithmetic expressions
+ logic of processing of fuzzy rules for textual captcha was improved+
+was added new type of fields for textual captcha
+ stability of macros handler #trans...#notrans was increased.
+ processing of logins and passwords received through mail at activation was corrected
+ increased stability of recognition ReCaptcha (in rare cases could appear "Access Violation" error)
+ the possible error "Out of memory" at overflowing box of monitoring of incoming messages was eliminated
+ Fixed error of processing text captchas, due to which significantly increased success rate on the French forums
+ Fixed bug due to which value of text captcha field could be fill the field for graphical CAPTCHAs
+ Adjusted processing of fields <select> ...</ select>
+ XRumer was trained to recognize a new type of captcha - ExpressionEngine (example: popchix.com/index.php/member/register/ )
+ Processing of non-standard posting forms are adjusted, field forms which contain “&” now are processed correctly
+ added new masks for link activation to xpop.txt
+ In tool “Database Analyzer” implemented auto-converting of content from other encodings (UTF-8. KOI, etc)


XRumer 7.07 Elite

XRumer 7.07 EliteXRumer 7.07 Elite

After installation copy key.lic file from previous version of XRumer 7 (beta 1 to beta 6.1) installed on same PC to new installation of XRumer 7.07
ATTENTION! Install XRumer 7.07 Elite in New Folder!
Don't install/overwrite it over version 5 or any over version 7 ! And don't use key.lic and xrumer _key.txt from XRrumer 5

  • XRumer is trained to recognize new captchas:
    XRumer 7.07 Elite new captchas
  • XRumer is trained to process new of engines
    • MyBB (new database with MyBB forums are stored in Links folder - LinksList id400.txt)
    • zenPHOTO
    • forumi.biz, forumb.biz, 1forum.biz, 7forum.biz etc
    • Amiro CMS
    • phpBB-fr.com, Solaris phpBB theme
    • shop-script
  • Significantly increased processing of SMF and phpBB3
  • Added new macros #trans...#notrans, increasing targeting several times
  • Login in process was fixed
  • The error "GIF Circular table ..." was fixed. It appear when getting incorrect picture of captcha
  • Increased the limit of attempts on annualized page (till 28 attempts)
  • Software was trained to solve new DLE captcha
  • The possibilities of macros #grabbed were extended. Now it's possible to use same variables like in #file_links macros (for example: #grabbed[S], #grabbed[N] и #grabbed[L])
  • Mode for logging time of parsing each link has improved. This option is used to analyze and to optimize a database. It can be enabled from xuser.ini file LogRuntime=1 in section [AdvOptions]. Gathered information about time spent to analyze each link, timeout, number of attempts to decode capthca etc. is stored in file \Logs\LogRuntime id*.txt. The aim of this mode is to optimize most “narrow” parts of program’s code and to increase final speed of posting.
  • Processing SMF engines was improved
  • Error "List index out of bounds" was fixed. This error appears in situation when option “Load avatar at profile editing” is enable but avatars are missing or are damaged.
  • Increased the success rate SMF engine by decoding special captcha from topic creation / reply form
  • Increased % of generated links to RLinksList for SMF
  • The GIFImage bug from anticaptcha module was fixed
  • Additionally was improved decoding of captcha SMF_Rotate
  • Error at saving/uploading of options for “Antispam” mode was fixed
  • XRumer was trained to new type of engine (shop-script.ru, example: cosmetic-pro.com.ua/product/opi-brights-nlb24-blue-my-mind-15-ml/reviews/). Also the software is trained to decode the captcha from this type of engine.
  • Process of editing and saving of profiles on IPB, MyBB, SMF
  • Bug of topic creation in non-existing category and with “Post ONLY if these categories exist – otherwise skip” option is enabled now is fixed. Now the topic will not be created if the category is not in list of priority categories.
  • improved information from threads monitoring window, now it’s possible to receive more detailed information about each thread.
  • Trained for posting in Amiro CMS (100% bypass of JAVA – protection for auto-posting), example of engine: - everyday.wmsite.ru/gostevaja-kniga, trezvost-super.ru/comment, but for better success rate it’s recommended to e used macros #gennick in Nickname filed of project.
  • XRumer can now bypass latest JAVA protection of phpBB engine (Examples: phpBB-fr.com, Solaris phpBB theme)
  • improved algorithm for bypass of JAVA protections
  • fixed some important bugs in work with RLinksList – according to this success rate for using this mode is increased
  • increased quality of content parsing for “AntiSpam” module from SMF engine.
  • improved work with MyBB engine, increased success rate of profile creation in it.
  • to XRumer was added tool “convert links to index” from Hrefer - MakeToIndex.ini; it’s used in “Links post processing”, so rules of converting of links to index can be changed in external .ini file (same as in Hrefer)
  • To MakeToIndex.ini was added rule for MyBB engine
  • XRumer can bypass now captcha from zenPHOTO engine (footprints of this engine - "Powered by zenPHOTO" "Add a comment")
  • In mail processing settings was added button “Download mails immediately” and settings for session duration time.
  • Fixed bug with email downloading at usage of RLinksList - mode
  • logo of XRumer was changed
  • Improved mechanism of collective learning of text CAPTCHA, so according to our test, from version 7.07 of XRumer, program daily will be collectively trained up to 1000 new text CAPTCHA’s, and according to this success rate will be higher with each day of usage.
  • New types of SFM engine captchas (with various fonts) was learned by XRumer OCR.
  • Fixed bug with creation of accounts on SLAED CMS engine.
  • Temporary is turned on logging of process of text CAPTCHA’s decoding to - Debug\TextCaptchas.txt file.
  • improved algorithm of decoding of text CAPTCHA’a
  • added hidden option ProfileMeansSuccess=1 (in file xuser.ini, section [AdvOptions]), by default it’s ON – if profile was created succeseful, but there is not enough privileges for topic creation (on may forums it’s forbidden for fresh registered users), link is added to Success log with comment “profile success created”
  • fixed posting of UTF-8 content on egines which uses by default UTF-8 or ISO-8859-1 encoding.
  • Now it’s possible selection of gender at profile editing, according to setting from Project.
  • For better index of profiles was implemented auto-prescription of birth date on the next day after registration: it is spelled out in xas.txt special macros [DAY_TOMORROW] and [MONTH_TOMORROW]
  • Memory leaks in several modules of XRumer are fixed
  • Creation of links to the profile is corrected
  • Added the possibility to disable the rating system for proxy / socks (option "Enable rating system *" in the proxy settings - through menu)
  • Bug with leak of memory in interface was fixed
  • "Postprocessing” tool improved to convert link with multiple "/./" into normal URL
  • List of User Agents was corrected (x_user_agent.txt)
  • Algorithm of captcha decoding for phpBB3 was improved
  • Bug with creation of RLinksList database was fixed
  • Improved logic of registration and logging on VBulletin
  • The restriction of number of rows in the list of resources at training of textual CAPTCHA module was removed.
  • During training of new textual captcha is created a service log for debug - Debug\TextCaptchasLearn.txt
  • In settings for email download was added new option “to not reduce number of threads at email downloading”
  • for macros #trans set up of "domain zone - langusge" can be made through external file Translate\ZoneLanguages.txt. Please report all founded bugs.
  • fixed bug with cache of file content of macros #file . If it’s needed to receive each time a new result about link it’s necessary to add in xuser.ini following line: URLLOAD_CASHTIME=0, and syntaxes of macros should be : #file="http://your_domain/your_page.php?rnd=#random[100000000..999999999]". ATTENTION : This can significantly reduce speed of posting!


Hrefer 3.5

Hrefer 3.5

Install New Hrefer in NEW folder and copy key.lic file from old install of Hrefer or from Xrumer 7 (from same PC!!!) For Hrefer actiavtion!

List of changes:

+ completely changed algorithm of parsing of search engines, according to this speed of parsing was significantly increased, and chance of receiving google ban reduced (but not totally excluded, that’s why you need to use more proxies and delays in parisng)
+ updated user_agent's list
+ updated list of google datacenters in googlehost.txt
+ now Hrefer better simulates Browsers and manual parsing, and this have reduced possibility of search engine ban for bot-parsing
+ in filed Query (engines.ini) where added macros #random – it adds random number from 1 to 1000
+ updated parsing mechanism of Yandex and Google


XRumer 7 beta-6

XRumer 7 beta 6

Changes for

XRumer 7.0 Elite beta-6

WARNING!! At update to new version do not forget to do a fresh install. Do not other write the files.

  • XRumer is teach to 3 types of DLE captcha (a database of DLE sites is included) and 3 types of SMF captcha (also a database with SMF sites is included).
  • Type of DLE captcha (database ID 200):
    XRumer 7 beta 6 DLE captcha
  • Type of SMF captcha (database ID 300):
    XRumer 7 beta 6 SMF captcha
  • auto registration of email on mail.ru and gmail.com is working properly now. On Gmail.com, depending of IP, can ask to enter manually captcha. Mail.ru works only for Russian IPs!
  • significantly was expanded set of features for xmessages.txt
  • increased stability of program. Source code was optimized.
  • a mechanism of collective teaching of text captcha was realized (through Self-learning system). At the moment is in beta testing.
  • XRumer was trained to new types of engines
  • the bug with saving of settings from report options was fixed.
  • added new options in Self-learning system.
  • in order to debug, was added the ability to save the list of threads in “Debug” folder.
  • was improved the work of tool of gathering links to profile on non-standard engines
  • the work of tool of gathering links from emails with activation was improved: if in email is sent only information about login and password, but there is not any link for activation, then XRumer will use link from email to access the site. In this way, XRumer will process more effectively the sites, which generates passwords
  • Source code, responsible of interaction of plugins during authorization, was optimized
  • improved processing of YaBB and JiveForums engines
  • processing of text captcha was improved. The probability of usage of incorrect rule for analyzing the results was reduced.
  • bug with redirect by link "Report abuse" was fixed.
  • error "Range Check Error"was fixed. This error appears on types of captcha used on domains *.informe.com. The error was in module of third-party developer
  • in black list filtering tool was added new file xblack_inurl.txt. Now, it’s possible to filter not only by domain zone, but also by content of link. Now it will be simpler to filter contact forms and other junk and useless links from the database.
  • introduced a strict ban of posting on such resources, like Umaxforum, Gofuckbiz, Maultalk, Mastertalk, Armadaboard and others.
  • the work of software on answer to existing topics mode was improved
  • adjusted for handling the server response "410 Gone"
  • reduced rate of error "unknown problem"
  • processing of vBulletin 4.1.0 was improved
  • was fixed wrong decoding of captcha on Vbulletin
  • "Out of memory" error was appearing at decoding of broken captcha was fixed
  • "Range check error" was fixed
  • error reports are now more informative
  • XRumer 7 beta 6 is trained to process the engine ArticleDashboard
  • XRumer is trained to process the engine ForumActif
  • posting was fixed in case when form action = "#"


XRumer 7 elite

XRumer 7 elite 

XRumer 7 Elite

List of changes and new features of XRumer 7:

  • XRumer is trained to recognize more than 40 new captchas, including RECaptcha and latest IPB/Vbulletin
  • XRumer is trained to more than 2000 new text captchas.
  • he size of file xmessages.txt was increased twice, added new parameters - REG_DISABLED, TEXTCAP_FAILED, LOGIN_FAILED and others.
  • The processing of engines VBulletin, IPB, phpBB was highly increased.
  • was removed usage of personal xrumer_key.txt key (don’t confuse it with Hardware KEY key.lic)
  • where added new macroses:
    • #title – quote page title
    • #quote – quote previous comment from topic
    • #grabbed – paste content, which where parsed with xgrab.txt
  • increased possibility of Self-learning system:
    • automatically assign a value to the selected list of fields in one click
    • automatically translate with Google Translate description of fields
    • visual teaching of new text captchas
  • added new type of posting options: "topic creation only", "Create topic / reply in existing one" and "Reply to existing topic" (can be setup in Advanced Options)
  • in blacklist xblack.txt where added more than 1000 new abusive resources, a lot of them collaborate with Spamhaus, we strongly recommend to filter your new database with this black list.
  • increased speed of XRumer at working with huge databases of links and posting reports.
  • fixed problem with POST-query, where was used
  • fixed bug with "Out of System resources"
  • Mass-PM now is working with vbSEO
  • added variation system for HTTP-headers to determine XRumer (posting with XRumer) more harder
  • fixed bug with cookies, which appeared in work with phpBB3
  • logging in Debug\FormFields it’s more detailed
  • XRumer Elite can bypass captchas with random fieldname
  • "Success" report is more detailed
  • XRumer can bypass text captchas of WiKi, at creating or editing of articles, footprints of such resources are : inurl:/wiki/index.php?title=
  • maximal allowed file size, for checking of duplicates, where increased to - 2 GB
  • removed size limit for files xas.txt, xmessages.txt and others.
  • XRumer 7 can bypass complex captchas:
    • phpBB
    • PB
    • PB 1.3.1
    • IPB 2003
    • Modified IPB
    • Modified IPB 1.3.1
    • Modified IPB 2003

New features of Hrefer 3.3

  • updated googlehost.txt
  • improved work with Google Mobile, Board Reader, Bing
  • proxy checking monitor was improved
  • in added Additive Words, now, it’s possible to use variation by domain zones (for Google, using "site:...")
  • added tool for visual editing of engines.ini, it will help to teach new engines
  • improved work of Google Page Rank: now it’s possible to setup checking until Page Rank will be determined to all links from database.
Remember: It's allow installation of the programs (XRumer and Hrefer) or any of its previous versions on 2 (two) computers at the same time. Change of computers cannot be made, till will not expiry 30 days since last installation.


Difference between XRumer 5 and XRumer 7 elite

XRumer 5 vs XTumer 7
XRumer 5
ReCaptcha, Ucoz, VBulletin 3 - NO
XRumer 7
ReCaptcha, Ucoz, VBulletin 3 - YES

XRumer 5
number of known captcha  ~60
XRumer 7
number of known captcha  more than 100

XRumer 5 - number of known text captcha  ~2000
XRumer 7 - number of known text captcha  more than 4100

XRumer 5 - size of association list xmessages.txt  90 Kb
XRumer 7 - size of association list xmessages.txt  130 Kb

Install XRumer 7.0 in New Folder!
Don't install/overwrite it over version 5! And don't use any key.lic from old versions and xrumer_key.txt

If at retrieving of Hardware key or User authorization take long time, just restart XRumer