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XRumer 7 beta-6

XRumer 7 beta 6

Changes for

XRumer 7.0 Elite beta-6

WARNING!! At update to new version do not forget to do a fresh install. Do not other write the files.

  • XRumer is teach to 3 types of DLE captcha (a database of DLE sites is included) and 3 types of SMF captcha (also a database with SMF sites is included).
  • Type of DLE captcha (database ID 200):
    XRumer 7 beta 6 DLE captcha
  • Type of SMF captcha (database ID 300):
    XRumer 7 beta 6 SMF captcha
  • auto registration of email on mail.ru and gmail.com is working properly now. On Gmail.com, depending of IP, can ask to enter manually captcha. Mail.ru works only for Russian IPs!
  • significantly was expanded set of features for xmessages.txt
  • increased stability of program. Source code was optimized.
  • a mechanism of collective teaching of text captcha was realized (through Self-learning system). At the moment is in beta testing.
  • XRumer was trained to new types of engines
  • the bug with saving of settings from report options was fixed.
  • added new options in Self-learning system.
  • in order to debug, was added the ability to save the list of threads in “Debug” folder.
  • was improved the work of tool of gathering links to profile on non-standard engines
  • the work of tool of gathering links from emails with activation was improved: if in email is sent only information about login and password, but there is not any link for activation, then XRumer will use link from email to access the site. In this way, XRumer will process more effectively the sites, which generates passwords
  • Source code, responsible of interaction of plugins during authorization, was optimized
  • improved processing of YaBB and JiveForums engines
  • processing of text captcha was improved. The probability of usage of incorrect rule for analyzing the results was reduced.
  • bug with redirect by link "Report abuse" was fixed.
  • error "Range Check Error"was fixed. This error appears on types of captcha used on domains *.informe.com. The error was in module of third-party developer
  • in black list filtering tool was added new file xblack_inurl.txt. Now, it’s possible to filter not only by domain zone, but also by content of link. Now it will be simpler to filter contact forms and other junk and useless links from the database.
  • introduced a strict ban of posting on such resources, like Umaxforum, Gofuckbiz, Maultalk, Mastertalk, Armadaboard and others.
  • the work of software on answer to existing topics mode was improved
  • adjusted for handling the server response "410 Gone"
  • reduced rate of error "unknown problem"
  • processing of vBulletin 4.1.0 was improved
  • was fixed wrong decoding of captcha on Vbulletin
  • "Out of memory" error was appearing at decoding of broken captcha was fixed
  • "Range check error" was fixed
  • error reports are now more informative
  • XRumer 7 beta 6 is trained to process the engine ArticleDashboard
  • XRumer is trained to process the engine ForumActif
  • posting was fixed in case when form action = "#"