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XRumer 7.08 Elite

Today was uploaded new version -

XRumer 7.08 Elite


After installation, before starting XRumer copy from main folder of old XRumer 7.07 XRumer key.lic file to folder of new XRumer 7.08 Elite!

+XRumer is trained to more than 10 new types of graphical CAPTCHAs:

XRumer 7.08 Elite

+ Due to new system of collective learning textual captcha, XRumer was trained more than 15,000 new textual captcha. This is 4 times more than was trained previous version XRumer 7.07 Elite! (new textual captcha are uploading into memory in background from our server. Statistics can be find by clicking on "Events log")
+ Email registration on Mail.ru and Gmail.com service was restored.
+ Significantly was improved processing of multiple engines:

• YaBB (included a new database of YaBB forums - LinksList id500.txt)
• PunBB (LinksList id600.txt)
• zenPHOTO
• Phoca Guestbook
• LifeType
• *.forums-free.com
• *.monforum.com
• *.forumcity.com

+Internal logic txt files are stored in folder LogicFiles\Default\ - so if you transfer xas_AI.txt and other such files (Logic files are: x_apply.txt, x_fields.txt, x_user_agent.txt, xas.txt, xas_AI.txt, xas_near.txt, xcheck.txt, xcheck_adv.txt, xignoreforms.txt, xmaxlen.txt, xmessages.txt, xpop.txt, xprior.txt and xurl.txt), you need to transfer them exactly there! In future, it will allow to choose the current mod through interface of XRumer, and also to create copy-protected mods (bind to accounts)
+Starting with version XRumer 7.08, as a separator for imprecise rules in textual captcha is used "|" (vertical bar) and not ";"

+ % of saved profile on Burning Board is increased
+ improved activation of links from emails sent by the engine MyBB (or similar engines)
+ added support for BB-code for the engine Remark.asp?RemarkType=article&RemarkID=
+ by adding a nickname in the project, the "real name" is added now with a small difference, because on some engines require that the real name must differ from the nick
+ Success rate of processing of forums YaBB was increased. Should be taken into consideration the specifics of this engine - on such forums are often very limited by maximal size of message and header. Also the name must be different from nickname.
+ server’s addresses from proxy and socks update was changed, since old addresses became Public
+ implemented correct processing of forms method=GET
+ implemented bypassing of such protection as"400 Bad Behavior"
+ greatly amplified the templates of email activation in xpop.txt
+ implemented the functional of buttons "Next Link" and "Previous link" in Self-learning tool
+ using Mass-PM mode through engines YaBB and PunBB was implemented.
+ editing of profiles on PunBB was improved
+ mechanism of editing of profiles was improved: if after logging the link to profile editing was not found, then the program tries to find the opportunity from link to view the profile.
+ "Unable to confirm security token" error on engines PunBB was fixed
+ Macros #trans..#notrans was corrected. The bug of incorrectly transmitted codes of line break was fixed.
+ made improvements to the logic of editing of profiles and signatures. Should be noted that usage of "upload avatar» option can negatively affect editing of signature. If upload of avatar was denied for whatever reason, than signature can be not edit too (for example, it happens to SMF forums)
+ Registration on Clan.Su was corrected
+ XRumer trained to new captcha Amiro CMS, which is used at registration. (footprint: inurl:"members?action=add" intext:"Amiro CMS")
+ Improved recognition of captcha zenPhoto (added new types)
+ MakeToIndex.ini was added rules for PunBB
+ mechanism of co-variation for macros # file_links was added, by analogy with co-variations: with the same identifier (# file_links_identifier[...]) are chosen same lines - this can be useful, in order to match content of topics with their headers; Example - #file_links_A[C:\Temp\File1.txt,1,N] and #file_links_A[C:\Temp\File2.txt,1,N] - number of lines chosen from file File1.txt, same lines will be choose from File2.txt. It can be used in any field of project. Do not forget click on "Test" button to be sure that macros are triggered correctly before to save the project.
+ XRumer is trained to new engine Phoca Guestbook and decode of captcha on this engine (footprint: "Powered by Phoca Guestbook")
+ To not use the incorrect rules created by users, in mechanism of recognition of textual captcha was added a file textcaptcha_forbidden.txt, containing filter - wrong rules, which should be ignored.
+ Downloading of new text captcha from server was implemented (textcaptcha). Downloading of new textual captcha in made at startup of program in background. Statistics of total number of rules downloaded can be found in "Event Log -> View", see the line "Text captcha downloaded: ..."
+ adjusted the work of tool "Filter by domain zone"
+ further, the accuracy of fulfilling the fields, where the date of birth must be specified, was increased
+ the mechanism of auto selecting the point in fields <select> was improved
+ sending the header "Proxy-Connection: Keep-Alive" was adjusted to be possible to bypass security of such engines as LifeType
+ processing of forms “Press Agree to these terms” on engines PhpBB was adjusted. Sometimes, on some forums of PhpBB processing were made incorrectly.
+ XRumer was trained to bypass such Java-protection, as "jsv_post" (used in forums *. forumcity.com and some others)
+ processing of textual CAPTCHAs on forums like *. forums-free.com was adjusted
+ Success rate of registering on forums like *.monforum.com was increased.
+ significant improvements was introduced in training of textual captcha tool: update of page now is possible through the button "F5", fixes many errors, improved definition of text in front of field, and much more
+ “Divizion by zero” in new process bar was fixed.
+ Overall logic of recognition of textual captcha was improved, including calculation of arithmetic expressions
+ logic of processing of fuzzy rules for textual captcha was improved+
+was added new type of fields for textual captcha
+ stability of macros handler #trans...#notrans was increased.
+ processing of logins and passwords received through mail at activation was corrected
+ increased stability of recognition ReCaptcha (in rare cases could appear "Access Violation" error)
+ the possible error "Out of memory" at overflowing box of monitoring of incoming messages was eliminated
+ Fixed error of processing text captchas, due to which significantly increased success rate on the French forums
+ Fixed bug due to which value of text captcha field could be fill the field for graphical CAPTCHAs
+ Adjusted processing of fields <select> ...</ select>
+ XRumer was trained to recognize a new type of captcha - ExpressionEngine (example: popchix.com/index.php/member/register/ )
+ Processing of non-standard posting forms are adjusted, field forms which contain “&” now are processed correctly
+ added new masks for link activation to xpop.txt
+ In tool “Database Analyzer” implemented auto-converting of content from other encodings (UTF-8. KOI, etc)